And kept it a secret for a long time because I didn't want to be judged. But the hell with it right?
MissAnnaLee MissAnnaLee
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**** those who judge + enjoy ur smokes!

Couldn't agree more amy

Yes! And you have made the 'right' decision Anna in my view lol. Welcome to our special club and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. I know u will :o)

Oh, I do ;)

Great :o)
Would be lovely to smoke with u Anna :o)

Right, buy hey i was the same way

Starting to smoke is a very big, and complicated decision. Especially nowdays. I won't go into all the negatives of this choice (or the positives either), but I do know, based on my experience and others I know, if you enjoy it and continue to smoke, you will soon develop a need. And it becomes very inconvenient and stressful to try and hide it. I've known a number of "closet smokers" and they all wish very much they did not have to hide their habit. I know, if your going to continue to smoke, facing up to it, accepting you're a smoker now, and then just ignore being judged, is far better than the waiting and sneaking around, hoping to soon have a much needed cigarette!
Enjoy and best wishes,

Thanks. I've stopped hiding it now out of a principal though, luckily I'm not an addict nor will I ever be. I simply enjoy it and don't want to pretend otherwise.

Enjoy Anna and be happy lol

Don't hide's your choice. Be proud and smoke.

And get cancer.

No one lives forever

Good point