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I started smoking at 12.  Smoked for a good 17-18 yrs.  Then quit for 5yrs.  Started again & have been puffing ever since.  I like it.  When I start hating it again I know I'll be able to quit. 
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Somehow I started smoking at age three. I don't know how it happened, but I am on audiotape smoking. It's unbelievable! I tried to quit a few times at ages 13-15.
I would buy full packs, smoke three or four out of them and say, "I feel good, I don't need these anymore." So I threw them away. An hour or two later, I'd be taking them out of the garbage and start smoking again. My big day came in 1991. I quit for three days. I couldn't stand the torture anymore. It was the worst days of my life. It was awful, so I went to the store and bought a carton of Salem 100s (my brand at the time), and never tried to quit again. I was brought up on Winstons/100s (my parents brand). My mom smoked some other brands which I sampled a lot of them. Salem 100s for 21 years, Newport 100s for over a year until I found out I like Marlboro Menthol 100s better. Been smoking them for 17 years now.

Well, I wrote this in 2009, and I am still smoking. However, I am going to have to quit asap. Since, I wrote this I have had a pulmonary embolism, numerous bouts of bronchitis--which it is now COPD, because its chronic, have been hospitalized more than once for pneumonia and pleurisy, and have to use oxygen at night because my oxygen dips dangerously low while sleeping. I adore my beloved Newports but will have to say goodbye soon. And, I do think we are a friendlier bunch because we are becoming outnumbered. And, we are all trying to search out a place to smoke! We huddle together in the cold, fan each other in the heat, offer each other a place under our umbrellas and offer lights when our lighters quit working! Smokers unite!!!

LOL, Laureno526 you're so right! I don't smoke anymore but still believe that smokers are some of the nicest people because they're accepting of anyone that's "different." We were always the ones searching for the only "naughty corner" where you were allowed to smoke.

Is it just me or do smokers always seem more friendly than non smokers? I guess now that we're outcasts we cling to each other even more. I hate that we can't smoke in bars anymore, I understand why but it sucks nonetheless. If I ever win the lotto, I'm going to create a bar for smokers ONLY!

I started to smoke at 7th grade, and I enjoy my junior high school life with cigarettes and puffs. But I stop to do it when I was in senior high school, because my friends wasn't accustomed with smoke. And now I'm in college and start my habit again, you know it feels so great to do it again! =D

I want to know if you inhale when you smoke. I cough. Don

Yes u have to inhale. U dont have to inhale with a cigar because the smoke is more powerful and the tissues in the mouth can absorb it better. After you've been smoking regularly for about a week you will rarely cough.

My aunt taught me to smoke and made her Virginia Slims available - better to smoke at home, she reasoned, than to smoke in school and get caught. I am a menthol smoker and enjoy Virginia Slims and Eve. Smoking relaxes me and gives me a jump start on my day - that first cigarette of the day is the very best one.

Good for you, celticknight! I set my quit date Oct. 30th. I'm nervous already, lol.

RPSM, you are so right. The nicotine addiction is gone in 3 days, it's the mental hold it has over you that does you in. I don't like the way it controls my life. I am in the process of quitting. I have to for my health. Thanks for commenting.

I started when I was ten! I stopped in my senior of high school but when college started.. it began again. I like smoking. I do, I love the relaxation of it, the taste, and with all those stressful situations, it calms me down. I too am a Marlboro girl! I used to smoke Marb Mediums but somewhere somehow I got hooked to Marb Menthols... Yum.... I could go for one right now! :)

Marlboro Menthol 100s! Yum is right!

Celticcowboy, you are right about boredom making them taste good. I just decided to quit. Had my last smoke at 12mid 1/1/09. So far, so good.

I started smoking when I was 14. I quit for a whole year and then I picked them right back up when I became stressed. Ive been smoking ever since. I have tried several brands but Marlboro is my fave. I usually smoke Marlboro lights. I enjoy the taste and the relaxation it gives me.