I enjoy smoking a good cigarette. I know I need to quit, but its so hard to give it up. Most of my friends smoke and my husband smokes. I started when I was 14 and at one point quit for a year and then picked it right back up again. I feel like I need that fix so to speak. Its better than being addicted to an illegal drug in my eyes. So I just light up and enjoy.
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I just love women who smoke. What kind of cigarettes do you smoke?

You have it right, just light up and enjoy! Please add thanks.

puff puff

Its a VERY bad habit I have. But, in all keeps me sane. Its my crutch and my vice!!

I'm with you...started as a means of keeping<br />
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Stopped....<br />
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Picked it up again about 5 years loose weight...then as my marriage crashed and burned it was stress.<br />
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Now...who just is

I know what you mean. If I tried to quit smoking at this point, Id lose it!!! lol