When I Was 8...

as a wee one, i was randomly uber against smoking (if only i had remained so), so much against it that i cried and whined until i convinced my father to quit (at the time he was 34, having smoked for 17 years - HALF his life). he really cared that i cared (and my mother had quit when getting pregnant with me) and so he put in the pain and time and really did it. cold turkey. and may the "gods" bless him for it.

sadly, though, at the age of 17, i found myself experimenting with many things. i have since quit EVERYTHING i've tried/done EXCEPT smoking. i am full-on, hardcore hooked.

but *now* i wish i could quit. want it so bad i might be able to taste it, if it weren't for the taste of cigarettes in my mouth. i actually enjoy smoking, but i can only guess that's more the physical addiction. but really, i've met some of the greatest longterm friends of my life by stepping outside for a smoke. it is something i will greatly, totally, utterly miss. and that's why its so hard.

i made it 6 days once. and they were quite frankly the worst 6 days of my life. i am normally not your normal chick. i keep my emotions in check. always. but those 6 days, i was OOC. and i HATED it.

but i move in with HIM on Jan 17th. and if im still smoking then, i WILL hate myself for it. (plus we won't smoke inside so ill hate smoking in the cold lol) but really, i want SO much to quit.

December 17th is my date. please wish me luck!
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Good luck. I personally don't intend on quitting ever, but I also believe in the freedom to do what you want with your life. One possible tip would be to try nicotine gum/patches/etc, and there's also presc<x>riptions you can get to help you quit smoking (if I recall they have a much higher success rate than other things containing nicotine.) Also if you slip up and start smoking again, just remember that it's not the end of the world, and you can always try again in the near future. I'm pretty sure with each attempt at quitting smoking, the success rate goes up too, so keep that in mind.

Good luck - I know how difficult it can be...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you