I Got Myself Hooked

My wife smoked for the longest time. I tried various things to get her to quit but she wouldn't. Then I hit on a plan. If I were to start to smoke cigarettes then she would worry about my health, complain about the smell, and wonder where the money was going. At that point I would say - "OK I'll quit if you do".

So - I started to smoke. I just brought home a pack one day and announced I was a smoker. My wife was encouraging, she now had a smoking buddy to chat to outside (she always went outside the house to smoke). We had some pleasant times... seems like we had never talked so much before. Pretty soon cigarettes had renewed something between us we never knew we had lost. As the months went on these times over a cigarette became precious to us. Of course, by now I was hooked myself.

I have to admit, smoking gives me an erection, I don't know if this is a regular thing for guys or just me but cigarettes became associated with sex. Our lovemaking changed from long lovey sessions to 'quick fixes' because I could get an erection and do it just by having a ciggie! Cigarettes were slowly becoming not just a part of my life but my whole life.

Ten years on now my wife hasn't quit and neither have I. We love smoking, the pleasures it brings and the closeness we share. This is worth a lot to us and in my view outweighs any disadvantages. So what if we die earlier... we will have had a more fulfilled but shorter life than we would have done otherwise.

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5 Responses Feb 24, 2010

My wife smokes and she turns me on so when she does it. Before she lights up I get an erection. As she takes in the first drag, my **** jumps up in anticipation of making love. Watching her exhale is the best. She will blow the smoke on my **** bringing it to full size. She loves to do this to me because she likes to watch my **** grow hard. She knows what she is about to get! I love the taste of her kisses!

My wife forced me to become a smoker. She refused to quit. Now I'm addicted to the nicotine too. I get an erection anytime I smoke too, which is often now. My wife knows this is a smoking fetish of mine, so she forces me to smoke, and gets sex. She knows I'm hopelessly hooked on cigarettes, and they are not good for me. WE both have coughs. I love to smoke and don't care about my health. I think she wants to fatten me up now. I have no resistance to her. I do as told. I am sort of a wimpy sissy. She is my boss. I love being forced to do things for her. <br />

"I have to admit, smoking gives me an erection" - I can't stop laughing

Smoking rocks! Ilove this story and how smoking cigaretes changed your life. There is nothing wrong with tobacco. we are not here to be perfect, nor to please anybody. Keep smoking and enjoy life!

Wow! I've never heard that perspective before! People always talk about the bad side of smoking. thanks for telling this beautiful side of the story!