I Began Smoking When I Was 14.........

I enjoy smoking, most of the time, especially when I have my morning coffee or after a big meal. Where I live now, only outside smoking is allowed, and I enjoy taking a break from whatever I happen to be doing at the time, stepping out on the front porch, and having a smoke. It's relaxing. Unfortunately, according to my doctor, that means I'm using nicotine as a depressant instead of a stimulant. If I try to quit, I'm going to experience anxiety as a symptom, which is true. Every time I've tried to quit, my levels of anxiety have increased every single day until I finally give up in frustration. However, I'm getting ready to quit once again. Only this time I have a prescription for Xanax on hand, along with nicotine gum. If this doesn't work, nothing will. I wish I could say I wanted to quit smoking for health reasons, but I can't. I have to quit because, now that I'm living only on Social Security, I can't afford cigarettes.

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Good luck. I hope you succeed, for health, tooth, financial, and boyfriend reasons.

Hi, grandpa! Yesterday marked my 2 month anniversary of giving up cigarettes. At 34 I had smoked as much of my life as I had not. I became an everyday, regular smoker about the age of 17. <br />
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I decided to quit this time for a handful of reasons,...the main one was the sobering information that smoking was causing preventable damage to my teeth and gums. The thought of winding up toothless in a few years was fairly motivating. Not to mention that I am in what is becoming a serious relationship with a man who is not a smoker. I felt like the time was right. <br />
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I did use the patch this time around for a few weeks. No doubt I am addicted to the nicotine, but breaking the habit of smoking and the entire ritual associated with it seemed to be the toughest part. I really enjoy smoking. It was depressing to give up something that I enjoyed so much. The first few weeks were very, very difficult. <br />
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I'm finding that it is becoming a bit easier. I think of myself not unlike an alcoholic...I do not think the day will ever come that I will not want to smoke. I hope so, but I doubt it. Nonetheless, I have no plans to ever pick them up again. If I had every dollar I've ever spent on cigarettes I bet I could pay off my mortgage!<br />
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Best of luck.

Actually, healing begins almost as soon as one quits smoking, although your lungs will never heal completely and you'll always have an increased risk of lung cancer and other pulmonary problems. Still, the amount of improvement in lung health can be remarkable.

Good luck in your effort. I think it take medical drugs to kill drug of the nicotine. After 40 years of smoking, I do not see anything that say that lungs will reverse and be healed, have you?