I Do Love Cloves

The taste is awesome and clove cigarettes are nice.
Djarum Blacks only $35 including shipping
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4 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Djarums can still be found at the duty free stores. The bad thing is you have to be returning into the states and there is a limit. If your not get 20 cigs a pack, 10 packs a carton. Your not getting the origial Djarum Black cloves. For more info: elmiranda@aol.com. Lets discuss how you can get your real Blacks.

I get my package today. I bought it from Indonesia. http://www.indonesia-cigarettes.com very reliable. Djarum Black just $22.50/carton and shipping $18 for 6 cartons. it only takes 6 days for delivery. do not be afraid to buy online, because they use paypal for payment method.

It's $35 a box sent directly from Indonesia.<br />
I'm sorry to hear that cloves are no longer available in the USA.