Oh My Goddess, I Love My Cloves!!!

When I was small girl I used to chew blackjack gum, then I saw the pink package of cloves, and being such a girly girl I had to chew the clove gum. Yum yum!! the first time I ever had a clove was in 2004. I was in New York City for the first time enjoying all the big apple had to offer.. My cousin walked in a shop on the corner and told me to do do doooooo SMOKE A CLOVE!!!!! I couldn't believe how the taste danced on my tounge, the sheer pleasure was almost orgasmic. How could a cigarette be orgasmic? Beats me, I guess I'm just extremely passionate.They were illegal in my town at the time, and you had to drive four hours to get them, and I did.I don't know why they are illegal,but oh my precious cloves my mouth waters with delight for you! I'm lucky now,I moved out of state and I can get them every day if I want to. I have a stash of them hidden for special occasions. I could make up a special occasion every day if I wish..... But I do it when I create a new bakery treat from my head, or after great sex, not even good sex, it has to be great sex! I will never give up my love for cloves.Never! I'm just like spoiled Daffy Duck when he screams down down down back back back mine mine mine!

He he that's me!
Nobodyishome Nobodyishome
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All though high school I would smoke clove cigarettes <br />
I loved them