I Think Life Is Amazing And Crazy And Weird...

I been working at home for 3 years so i kinda isolated/sheltered and not very social. I don't go out much and i keep to same friends i known since i was younger. I'm so shy and nervous to meet new people, and whenever i had chances I'd be too quiet or just stay as mute as possible. So being at home a lot has made me think a lot, and have a lot of time to myself and think about myself and my life. I honestly have stayed at the sidelines and kept to myself and haven't experienced and gotten out of my 'shell'. I don't have a whole lot of friends, but i do know people so I'm not completely alone.... but there's still so many things i haven't seen that others have. I sometimes sit and wonder why i worry so much... when we're all human, came into the world the same way, have the same body organs and structure... so what am i so afraid of? We all feel, think and wonder the same similar things. I could make friends with someone if i let go of my 'fear' and THERE a new friend made. It's like there's soooo many possibilities... so many things to do in life... i mean what ELSE is there? You can see i really think alot, and i can't even find the words or sentences to really say how deeply i feel and think about it.

All i know is... i really just wanna get out there and do what i want. I always sit and imagine things i wanna do, people i'd wanna meet, people i'd love to be friends with... but i'd just never have the courage cos I'm like "im not good enough", "they'd think im weird", "how can i meet them" etc etc etc.

The possibilities in life are ENDLESS.. and the only person stopping you LITERALLY and TRULY is YOU.
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oh ic.. hmm.. see there's times when i think I have too much "childlike" views.. seeing the world through rose colored glasses as they say. I just get so fascinated easily that it's naive lol.

I'm the same,i hate talking to new people,i don't think i'm sheltered,i know of the world and it's evils,but i know i have no real experience when it comes to people,relationships,i know i should and could try harder to meet people,but since i've been on EP for about two weeks i've shared experiences and interacted with more people than i have in the last 15 years!!<br />
<br />
you have the right idea though,you seem to know what the deal with you is and what you have to do to get things sorted,the power is in our hands!:)