Iv Been Smoking Crack For 3 Years

i spend 300 hun a day and ive od 12 times but i cant stop. iv spent over 108,000 last year on crack alone. i hate what this drug has done to my life and my soul. the man im "with" supports my habit and gives me all my drugs but hes not a user and takes care of all my other needs. i started doing drugs at 12 by smoking weed i told my mom this and she asked if i had any so we startd smoking weed together. I started smoking crack 3 years ago when i lost my fieance to mentel illness and a "friend" gave me some that her bf whom was a dealer had left at her house so i thought it might kill some of the pain i was so wrong. so now im dealing with depprisson,severe anxzity,anorexia and a bad drug addiction.I would like to make it clear that im not trying to get any one to feal sorry for me, for my problems are my fault and mine alone.ty

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I smoke too. Would you like to meet?

I use to smoke crack... All the time... I have done just about every single drug there is... And I stopped everything cold turkey... It was hard, you have to cut everything out of your life that has to do with drugs, every person, every scenario. I moved over 2,000 miles away to make a fresh start. If you truly want to stop and have a better life you can do it. You have to want to stop... And for you, I would suggest going to a treatment facility far away from where you live maybe in a different state.. So even if you weaken, you will hv no way to get any... Once you stop for at least a month, and have a strong support system, you can be successful. You just have to try..

girl its a nasty habit <br />
finding somthing that fits where your hole is<br />
i know<br />
my daddy was a dope cook i started doing speed, weed acid at 12 started shootin at 15 herion and coke at 16 u gotta seperat yourself from the influence<br />
i cut my dad out quit shooting but i still had a bad habit of smokin crack<br />
i wish i had the answer but i need somone to talk too too rob_E_green@yahoo.com<br />
we cam help each other

This makes me so, so sad. It's such a hard drug to quit. Your body cries for it. I do not miss that feeling.

Don't be so hard on yourself, bad things happen to good people. You know what your doing is hurting you and your reaching out, that is the first step. My sister has faught with quitting the crack for 6yrs now the only thing that stops the cravings is adult ridillin, sorry about the spelling. She has been a lot better since the doctor has given it.

I know this so well. I only spend my checque on paydays, but that's where a lot of it goes. Obviously, your boyfriend, likes the scenario. It's almost impossible to get help when you are being so readily encouraged, - I know to an extent, the situation. Their is crackshacks just up the street, all over, and half the people you run into are after it. So when I come out of the bar on a payday Friday, I can't help but be approached, and, with the defenses down, away I go. A lot of people are gettin hurt out here and some are carrying on. I've only OD'D twice, but that was on the Down and how many times will it take, cause after the crack, you sometimes do the Down. Anyways, you need to run away. It's too bad, that you can't somehow meet an honorable man, in this hellish situation, and, like a movie, - he gets you the hell out of there. I'll bet you're worth it! But none of us are, are we?

I'm so sorry for your situiation. Even tho you're not looking for it, I do feel sorry for you. Although I can't say I can relate on the same level-hardest thing I've done is weed, cigarettes (very addicted) and the occasional drink. I have struggled with bouts of anorexia and depression and anxiety. My father was (he passed away at too early an age) a heroin addict and I am dating an active alcohilic.I know u r in a horrible place. I am brand new to this Blog (in fact yours is the first story I've read) and I don't know if we're allowed to give advice. However, I do believe the 1st thing you should do is get rid of your "boyfriend"/drug supplier. Then check into a detox. Do you have any sober friends/family who can support you with this? <br />
I wish you the best of luck,<br />

no one who isn't an addict will never. ever. ever. in a million years. understand what it is like. <br />
<br />
<br />
you should ask that guy to pay for a treatment program!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
and remember, relapse is a part of recovery, totally normal, no one is perfect. just keep trying

Do it for those two beautiful girls in your album

ok - send all that money to me - then you can't buy anymore. :)<br />
seriously... seek help. try. then try again. then - if you have to - try again. don't give up.

Honey, I urge you to enter rehab. If you don't take of yourself who ever will? The reason to live, is you.

Sas, I was just wondering that myself!

where do you get all that money from?????