Tales From The Pipe......smh :(

Hello. I am here to share my story of my 13 year crack addiction. I first began crack cocaine and at rave in San Quintin California. Every since that night my life has never been the same. I became the poster child for crack cocaine in my neighborhood. Things really began to get outrageous when I began to spend my child's Child Support money and our SSI checks to feed my addiction. Crack then destroyed my life and I was forced to give my child up for adoption. I really felt I needed to turn to crack after this. So I began to get my money for my addiction BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I went from sucking 4 dicks a night to 14 dicks a night.. I began prostituting to holding **** sucking marathons so me and my phenes could get high. I robbed 9 year old kids for there changed as they exited corner stores and I even stole my mothers jewelry and flat screen tv to feed my addiction. I use to be up late walking the *****, looking for some guy to suck his **** for a quick buck. All I could see where my next hit was coming from! It got to the point were I was sucking over a hundred dicks a day for coins just to buy a rock I was sick.....
Crackdick Crackdick
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Were you able to quit? What are you doing now?