Every One Of My Fantasies Came True Smoking Crack.

It was the summer of 1980, Phoenix, Az. I had just graduated form High School and I was dabbling in the small time sales of powder cocaine. Selling to my friends on the weekends and getting laid for a few lines by the stuck up girls that used to ignore me. One night, someone showed me how to "freebase" after that I was never the same. I led two, sometimes three different lives, I became a sexual deviant, hanging out at adult bookstores, smoking crack and sucking ****. I experienced my first gang bang, I ended up getting married and ruined her life by pimping my wife to anyone who wanted her. I became a male prostitute and I even got my mom to smoke it, my sister and we ended up having sex many many time all three of us. I robberd a bank and went to prison for 5 1/2 years. I stayed clean for 9 years then I picked up and now I really **** n suck. My youngest daughter smokes with me and she is 16. She already has sucked **** for rock. I know, I watch her.
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4 Responses Jul 30, 2012

I think he's telling stories..grow up..fool...

lol!!!i hope you are just a stupid kid trying to be funny...cus if not you r ascum bag!!!crack or not.i have smoked a lot a dope and i never sucked **** or ****** my mom!!!!lol.git a life...no lose it

Everyone of my fantasies came true. If that was.my purpose here then I did it well.

So how did your fantasies come true? Unless you set out to be a philandering, incestuous, bastard...? Sounds like your in hell bro. Get your family help.