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I started using drugs in College. From weed to acid to heroin, I have enjoyed them all. There have been years that I didn't use, but I was still an addict. I never missed using any of those drugs when not using. I always loved the high but could easily leave it behind. Then, in 1999 I was turned on to crack. It was instantly my favorite. Again, I could leave it behind, but I could never stop thinking about it. I crave it to this day. I score every month or so just to satisfy my wants. Crack has captured my mind. I think about it all the time and it is torturous. Recently I injected Meth. I liked it, but I still want Crack. Im thinking of returning to Heroin. I only smoked it a few years ago. Probably a waste. Want to try banging it. Oh well, an addict is an addict. I am so much happier when I am high!!
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Chris, crack oh man, what a bad drug!! Your right it takes over, you crave ,you spend. I spent a summer on it, and it was the worst of my life!! Everything and I mean everything goes on it, But you seem to have great self control!!!WOW!! Thats rare in addictland!!!If you do it once a month, then wtf am I to comment?? I use morphine once a week or I did!! Its my Friday treat, yeah??Id say yes heroin can be maintained, or you can always go on methadone, if things spin out of control. But please let me tell you that once you stsrt injecting, it is very hard to stop!! The feeling is so intense that there is no beating it. Having said that I have lost most of my veins injecting pills or gear, but I've stopped. Why?? Well it got so damn difficult to have a dig!!!lol It would take an hour or so poking around, no fun!! And to be honest, I scared myself.So if you want my true advice, please don't start honey!! Hey great to meet you, I hope you don't think I'm too harsh, I don't mean to be, ok!! Loads off love Cath are soooo awesome!! I absolutely love your stories and your replies!! You are such a great girl and a true breath of fresh air. I just love drugs. I would much rather be high than not!! I guess I don't have a strong addictive personality (although I do smoke I love crack. Havent done it in about three months, but I can tell its time!! Im thinking about it a lot! So Ill score soon. Wish I could share a pipe with you!! You are so excellent. Excited to get to know you cutie.

Wow!! I'm honored you've took the time to read my ****, I guess I just come out with things, I can't help it!! I hate the tabooness of addiction, IT SHOULD BE TALKED ABOUT!! Yeah I'm like you, I'd rather be high, but it can get where you want to be high all the time. Then Its a problem!!!But you are cool if you can wait 3 months, man I struggle to wait one week!!!How much do you spend on a hit??If you don't mind me asking??You're in the States I guess??I'm in England and we don't have drugs here like Ice, at least not in my small town!! Yeah I'd love to share a pipe with you, you are pretty excellent yourself, I can tell we are going to click, besides if you're 71, you're near my age, which I will reveal later, I'm getting old Lol!!!Cool to meet you too, Cath

Thanks JS It is just sooo hard not to expierience how awesome it will be. I loved oxy and I know H will be so much better. Im just hoping that I can use it once or twice and turn away from it. Normally I have been able to do that. But warning is heeded. lol

I loved oxy too. Won't do H. God took my oxy away but I did Roxy and I prayed so long I take methdone now. No desire for opiates at all. Get this ten mil a day of methadone helps my chronic pain and I'm free of that opiate sickness. Much rather smoke crack. As silly and crazy as it sounds u are so right on. A drug addict love drugs always will I just try to be a functioning on. But crack took me down once and I'm not letting it full get me down. I'm hoons learn and disaplined and do occasionally I can do it. Thank u

Hey Its Cath again, really like to get to know you better, thanks for hearting my responses BUT I'D LOVE TO TALK TO YOU!!! Its Friday today so I've got that FRiday feeling and my dealer has just been!!! Do you use regularly or at Weekend or just now and again?? You take Coke?? Like I said ,never had it pure and proper, is it a good hit?? I guess it is or you wouldn't do it , would you!!!lol I guess you are in the States where they have Oxys and stuff, AND Meth amphete!!! We have NONE of that here, at least in the little town I live in!!! I'm stuck with downers(valium, nitrazepam) morphine tablets that I LOVE!!! and there is also Heroin in town!!! Which if you knew the place, picturesque, small with a castle, you'd know it was rare!!!!! But its really cut to **** and poor quality!!!! There is Crack too, put NOt cocaine!!!!! To get that you need to get out of town to a nearby city!!! I haven't had it in a while but last time when a mate turned up with some it was actually pretty good!!! You rushed for ages and it was stronger than I remember having it years ago!! The only down side was the comedown!!!!!! For 2 days I had panic attacks and I didn't want to leave the house!!!!IT WAS PRETTY BAD!!! Do you have bad comedowns???? You get one off the Morphine ,but you just sleep for ages, but if you pop a couple more, you're fine!!!lol Anyway really need new mates on here, and I'd love you to be one!!!! But we don't have to talk about drugs if you prefer, there is more to me ,than that!!!! Going through a real hard patch at home at the mo, and it would real cheer me up, to talk to someone!!!! We have stuff in common, I'm sure we could get on ok????Oh well, balls in your court mate!!!!! Love anyway, Cath

I'll add u and message u if u reply befor I must've not seen it if u asked me to be friend. Sorry.

I wouldn't recommend banging heroin...only because its f-ing wonderful. There is nothing like it. Sweet oblivion. It was soooooo hard for me to quit. I still think about it all the time. I totally agree...I am so much happier when I'm high too lol

Thank you for sharing your story :-)