I Want To Smoke Crack, But I Don't Want To Be Alone When I Smoke It.

I was a heavy user but still managed to NOT let crack control my life. One day I took a few hits with my dealer and another girl that was there and it really changed my experience even though there wasn't any physical contact. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to smoke crack with another user so I gave it up. I do have cravings but I don't want to start smoking unless I have another person (girl preferably) with me. I would generally get naked in front of my 50" TV and watch HD **** with candles burning. If I find someone that will smoke with me I'm pretty sure I would start up again but no such luck.
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Overall ... I think the main reason why people go back to smoking crack is because you know that first hit will always be the same. It doesn't get old, it doesn't change .... it's always the same. That first hit, or the first hit after quitting for a while is always the same.

I like to be alone cause thats exactly what i would do

It"s been 6 years since I used to blast off while watching hot **** of babes getting anal creampied. Really would like to find some great hard again and watch banes getting triple penetrated while I blast off. Anyone in south Texas that can lead me in the right direction?

r u ni miami

I'm located in Toronto - recent update is that I tried smoking up 5 months ago and it was so hard to buy crack on the street. People ripping me off, getting a $5 piece when I pay $20 .... I couldn't get my old amount of $200. Without a dealer you know it's impossible. That might actually be a good thing.

Hard to find how about 100 bucks and u get a 20? I get what I think is worth 60 for 150. I don't really now. Quit for 20 years since1995 wow it found it's way back to me

I hate crack but love it, jus cant function of it unless im drinkin, but my man gets on my nerves when we smoke, always wanting head, then I get mad n tell him to go find a *****, then we argue when its down to the last, I really needa quit, more stress getting it when, its gone n it never seems like enuff, but once miney hits my hands, that feeling takes ova,

And let me tell you .... I turned into such a crackhead when I was smoking it. I mean, I thought a SWAT Team was outside my apartment waiting to kick the door down. I thought they were drilling holes in my walls and sticking those little cameras in to see what I was doing so I was smoking under my blanket just so they wouldn't see me. I'd take a hit and run to the door and windows to see who was out there. Every little noise I heard I thought it was the police trying to get in. There was one time that I was convinced they were about to kick my door in so I ran into the bathroom and took massive hits because I was about to go to jail but of course, nobody was out there and I hit that pipe so hard I passed out for about an hour.

It really turns you into something bad - everytime I'd finish my crack I'd spend 2 hours looking for any pieces I may have dropped on the floor. Sometimes there would be nothing but once in a while I'd get lucky and find a piece and I'd be so grateful. I'd check everywhere for a small piece that I might have missed.

Just like Forest Gump said, "Sometimes, I Guess There Just Aren't Enough Rocks ."

I mean no harm, I promise...but you're one of those people who has a tweak that drives me absolutely insane LOL XD
I'm getting high as we speak - my tweak is to usually two things (I'm female, btw, obviously lol): Get horny and surf the net like crazy for random interesting **** (and naked slutty women, for some reason...oops...did I say that out loud? LOL) ;) Fun for me - ESP. if it's GOOOOOD dope!

Haha .... sounds like fun. I still wanna try it again but it's so hard to find a dealer and someone to do it with. Again, it's probably for the best that I don't find someone. But I want tooooo!

OMG carpet crawling omg. I never really hit the paranoia thinking people coming cops ext. Till one day they did and got my ex- we were partying day before he ran out left me high and dry. But he got arrested I didn't. I find when I start don't want to stop. Even when it's ****** and ubfreaking keep trying. That insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different rejults. Thanks for the memories.

Yeah, I know what you're saying. I haven't touched it in about 4 years and I should be thankful it doesn't have a hold on me .... maybe that's why I want to try it again. When I was doing it I was going through $250 every weekend for about 8 months and then I got promoted at work and couldn't afford to be too messed up (job was more important). I was lucky that I could just STOP.

I don't know ... I just want to try it again. Maybe it's because I know I can stop. You know what helped me to control my habit? Playing my PS3. I played a game called SOCOM and it was online so I was playing with other people. I could talk and play with them and it killed my craving. Can't expain it but it worked for me. I played with a cool group of guys and it was a lot of FUN!

But to be honest ... if it was right in front of me, I'd hit in a second.

No such luck..R u serious. Youre cracked out enough already wout hittin the pipe..ur fantasy is fine..but its the "oh poor me i can't find a crack *****" thats all ****** up.Sry man...U should b thankful....