I Am Manly Addicted To This Horrible Drug! But I Enjoy It

I have been smoking crack for about 5 years. I always smoke alone, and immediately take my clothes off. I have serious fantasies about being with a few good men whenever I smoke. The entire habit is driven by this fantasy. Its actually overwhelming. I would love to find some guys that actually think like I do. It seems to only happen when I smoke. I do not have these overwhelming thoughts when I am not high. I am sick of spending my money on this crap and actually think someone is going to just come along and knock on the door. I sometimes think im freaking nuts,,,If I had this experience, i think I control my use of the drug. Another words, I want to find some guys that are into it like me. It would be great to get together once a month and let it rock. Just maybe, I could control my use to that occasion, and stop smoking on a weekly basis. YES, I am in therapy, and Im truly a really nice guy. I just know I will never be able to stop until I can control it. Sounds crazy, I know...
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It's ok we here for you

I have not smoked in some time but I always do get horny when I do. I too always smoke alone but love love to smoke with a young girl or guy sometime. I am in Las Vegas

I love when I smoke crack too my clothes come off my ***** gets soaking wet I have a female friend I smoke with and I make her take all her clothes off she has a big pretty *** and the plumpest ******* with big nipples I take me a blast and lick her ******* and suck her ***** and ******* I have her shaking I turns in to an animal I love being choked and ****** in my nice tight *** oh it feels so damn good I love my nipples bitten very hard I love being spanked very hard on my *** I love sucking **** ooh I take a blast and blow smoke on the **** and deep throat a **** oh how I love smoking crack and watching **** oh crack is so damn good

I know how you feel I smoke and get horny for sex.i to am looking for a crack/sex buddy

Me too. The fun of the excitement is the allure, along with that first hit and the rush. OMG!. Here in Florida, its hard to find any good supplies.

If you can't find good crack in Florida then I don't know what to tell ya.

I've been clean for over 2 yrs & I understand throwing ur clothes off when u smoke crack. I used to do the same. But funnily enough it was crack that actually saved my life & got me to quit drugs completely. I has very vivid hallucinations of big black rats and nice everywhere when I got high & suffered from the delusion that they were going to bite me. Even though there was nothing there! I was just so high! After three years of running around naked high & hallucinating at home I realized I could not go on like that anymore. I was always in a state of fear. So I quit. Had one relapse a month later. But slowly and surely through Gods grace I have been clean for over two years. You can do it! :)

Thanks for sharing. If one of us gets away! That's awesome. On of us hears the right word the strength the hope it's a word from God hope someone hears it?? Thanku God

You speak like you know me. I only smoke once in a while, but its the sex fanticy that makes me for ever want to do more. Smoking with another friend, naked, and maybe more, would be great. Tell me what state you in.

I share your story and would like to communicate with you.

Me to. I'm ready for me next trip.

Wow, I'm not going to judge you but these guys below are just ..... ........ Ridiculous in my opinion. You should seek rehab and not have a guy who is going to influence you to use such a horrible drug.

I hear ya on all the above.

Where do you live?

I am there with you. Exactly what I love to do. I am looking to meet others, here in Central Virginia.

I guess we're in luck then, because I love smoking cracking, throwing my clothes off and getting crazy with people. If you wanna smoke together hmu and lets put this fantasy into motion. I'm in los angeles.