Josh Smith

Cracks not a drug, Its a way of life!!
m1a1tothabootie m1a1tothabootie
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

lol you're an idiot it is the absolute worst way of life.

"hustle hustle, **** for money, crack change, burnt lips, I just need a ******* toke man"

any of that **** sound familiar? who wants that

Its called a hoot not a toke this aint 420 time lol

Hey I'm just curious.. Is tweak crack?

Hey babydoll add me

No, tweaking usually refers to meth.

First of all dumfuk we dont call itta toke

We call it a hit now don't we? Burnt lungs, sour taste, but it's to cold outside for Angels to fly. We seem to be willing to lose everything for it why???

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