I Prefer Smoking Inside

I don't smoke cigarettes, but I love an occasional cigar.  I don't mind smoking outside, especially on a pleasant day, but I'd rather smoke inside 90% of the time.  First of all, smoking outside isn't always ideal.  Spring and fall (at least where I live) are the only times when it's actually nice enough outside to spend an hour puffing on a cigar.  Also, even when the weather is nice, the wind gets annoying too.  The wind tends to either blow all the smoke back into my face or blow off the ash prematurely.

I certainly never smoke inside my house because I live with my parents, who don't smoke and don't even know that I smoke, but I usually prefer to get my cigars from a smoke shop and smoke inside there.  Smoke shops have nice leather couches, magazines to read, and a generally relaxing atmosphere.  Sometimes they'll get too stuffy and smoky if there's lots of people there, but my favorite shops usually have a nice filtration system.  I don't really mind the smell of cigar smoke anyway.  It's cigarette smoke that gets me.
RopinTexan RopinTexan
22-25, M
Mar 2, 2012