My Lungs, My Smoke, My House.

i love it when i smoke in my house. iv been a smoker for 10 years, i started when i was 8 thanks to my step dad. my girl friend and i have smoked 4 packs a day for quite a while. i love it when we sit down to wach tv and after 10mins or so all u can see is a thick layer of smoke float around in the room. i just love knowing that all the smoke i see floating around came from our lungs at one point and thanks to 2nd hand smoke, a lot of it will be going back in them. and yes we do half to bleach our walls twice a year to keep our walls looking white rather than yellow. and the kids cloths get washed every day so they will not smell like smoke in day care.
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I hope you raise your kids in the thickest clouds of smoke that you can. I was raised in a cloud of smoke with my mother constantly blowing smoke in my face and flicking ash at me. It's how we all should be brought up. I have 2 girls who chain smoke all day and am pregnant now with twins and am happily trying to smoke enough for all 3 of us.

Do you smoke around your kids?

high levels of second hand smoke can lead to ear infections in children

When I got divorced I started smoking in my house and I absolutely love it!

I don't smoke but I have wonderful memories of growing up in a smoke filled house. My mom smoked all the time in every room of the house. Anytime I was home I was in clouds of cigarette smoke.

I remember the smell of the cigarette smoke gave me a safe, comforting feeling. What I especially liked was that my mom didn't care what I thought. If I would have complained she would have yelled at me. There is no way she would have went outside to smoke (nobody did back then). It was her house and she did what she wanted. I think that's what gave me the safe feeling.

One night I stayed at a friends house. His parents didn't. smoke and I remember it felt empty to me. Like something was missing. Too sterile. The next evening I came home and it was the extreme opposite. My mom had several friends over. They were all smokers (all her friends were smokers). They were all chain smoking and words cannot describe how smokey the atmosphere was. Its all I could see and smell.

My mom ordered me to change into my pajamas and come back downstairs. That was a big thing with her. I think she liked to embaress me in front of her friends. I sat at the table and talked to my moms friends for awhile in a haze of smoke. Then my mom ordered me to go to bed. Before I could even get up she was yelling (looking like such an authority figure with lit cig between fingers) that its past my bedtime. Like I said she liked to humiliate me. Anyway as I walked upstairs a few of her friends waved goodnight with their cigarette hand.

As I went to sleep my pajamas were soaked with the smell of cigarette smoke. I loved it. I could also smell a lot of cigarette smoke from was drifting in my bedroom. I heard my mom and her friends laughing and enjoying each others company. What a difference from the sterile night before. That's when I knew I loved the smell of cigarette smoke and living with smokers.

I have recently had roommates that smoke but they all smoke outside. I know its more difficult to find these days but someday in the future I hope to once again live with smokers who smoke indoors. That would be my ideal living situation. Just smelling that smoke would put me in a good mood.

I wash my walls at least once a year but I love the way every thing always smells of smoke. And the thick cloud of smoke that hangs in the air so I can breath it in over and over is great!

i like that too.