I Don't Know If I Can Do This.

This week I decided to not buy cigarettes. I'm trying to quit. There's no one around to bum from so I'm S.O.L. & will just have to deal with it. That's the theory anyway. Although I hate to admit, I wasn't truly "out" until I finally threw the pile of butts into the dumpster. I know- gross. But I can say that quitting has never felt more urgent. So I guess I'm lucky to have determination on my side. "Keep positive"...I mean, "At least you're not dragging a tank of oxygen behind you"...yet. I am seriously tore back in the lungs. I almost sound like one of those rough truck stop waitresses. I jump into thats water over my head & (God forbid) has a current- I'm toast. I get winded in a puny amount of time. What an idiot I've been.
WTFsis WTFsis
26-30, F
Jul 22, 2010