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Hello fellow friends of Mary Jane,

Ever since I was a teenager I always had been drawn to smoking, not just for fun and games and getting blazed; I saw more deeply into it. The bursts of creativity and the ability to sympathize with others and see the good in people was what drew me to believe that smoking is more of a sprititual experience. I know to a lot of people it sounds like complete crap and I can understand that and why one would think that way but the fact of the matter is that mary jane has been smoked for centuries and more often than not in a religious ceremony.

I think that the use of marijuana should be somewhat regulated but it should not be frowned upon. To us, it gives us comfort and enlightens us.

This may sound like complete crap but hey, you're aloud to think and believe whateve you want.

:) thanks for taking the time to read my feelings on the subject
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4 Responses Jun 10, 2010

I agree, it is a sacred herb :)

I agree with all you said.....thanks!

you're right. it is a shaman's thing...

I have never been much on MJ but my friend is very creative and says that is where it comes from so smoke on as long as you are not hurting anyone.