Medical Toker

I started toking up when i was about 16. I met this guy who worked at a internet cafe he was always happy chilled out and kind of calm
i got to know him for quiet some years and one day the internet cafe shut down.

I saw him again a few months after he was at the train station he had a big ball of canabis resin and he aked me to hold it while he melted some so i did.
I wanted to try some so i said i will trade you my packet of 20 smokes for some and he agreed.

i got it back and and toked up and it was the best marijuana i ever had. Well that and the skunk i once had.

i did not smoke for some time after that until i started suffering with depression and anxiety and stress. I feel like some messed up person and i had enough the doctors could not help me i wasted to years of my life trying their stuff that did not work for me.

So i remembered back to that day i toked up and i was happy. So i thought i would get some more. I asked my friend if she knew where i could get some and i got some which was cool.

i toked up when i feel bad and it lifts my spirit. i cant afford to smoke it and keep buying from dealers when its 20 for a 8th and their type of 8th is so small it much be half an 8th.

so i decided to grow medical marijuana. i got some good indica and when i feel suicidal ,stressed or low i toke up and in no time at all i feel normal its like a weight has been lifted and i can function properly.

life without marijuana is not nice at all. Right now i feel like crap i got enough to last me a couple more storms but i have nothing to toke up with since i dropped my bong and broke it.

just hate feeling stressed and low like i do right now. Next best thing is taking my bicycle out and after a few miles i feel ok again.
once my girls grow to be big enough i will not be short on marijuana for my own personal medical use.

i want to make some tinture this time and cook with it. They say the effects last longer when you eat marijuana.
so i am going to make some dark marijuana chocolate.

if i had a good supply of marijuana i would be happy and normal one day i want to move to a place where you can get it all day if you want to. Move to amsterdam.

sarahbethuk sarahbethuk
26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Uk here. soon i will make a solvent extraction of marijuana so i can take it orally and cook with it.<br />
i get some 100% proof and soak green in it for long enough

i dont know where you live, but 20 will never buy an 8th. around 40-50 usually will. 20 dollars worth, or a "dub" is a bit less than a 1/16 usually