Yeah I Smoke

I smoke every single day since I was 16.  I've become an addict.  I'm hopeless and clueless to where my future will lead me.  I've dropped out of college and quit my job.  Since I haven't had a job I haven't been able to smoke the same amounts that I used too.  Also the quality of the marijuana I was smoking has down graded.  So things has been going down for me.  On a good note I've got a doctors recommendation and I can legally grow marijuana.  In my state theres no dispensaries so I would need to wait until I harvest until I can smoke my own.  Until then I will need to keep finding whatever money I can to smoke.  Its getting pretty bad, but yet I seem to have money.  I hate withdrawing from marijuana.   I must have it daily.  Without it I will go crazy. bye.
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2010

7 days. for 7 days withdrawl sucks, then you realize you'll be ok. can you handle 7 days?

hell its might be rough but u know i feel the same way it helps me get tho tnhe day and iv been smoking 19 years

Just a thought, but it may actually be a good thing that you have had to slow down your smoking a little. I think dependence on anything is never a good thing, marijuana should be something to enjoy responsibly and maybe expand your perceptions a little. I was a daily smoker for years, very dependent on it for managing depression, and it stopped being fun. Benign as it is, you can abuse it using it that way and it can affect your life negatively. I'm not saying that your smoking is necessarily causing the negative things in your life, but I know that for me, smoking wasn't helping. I stopped for a while, and it really sucked at first, but things got better once I became a little more clear-headed and focused. I realized that it had a way of making intolerable life situations more comfortable, and how unhealthy that is.<br />
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Now, I try to be a little more responsible about it, and I certainly don't use it everyday. I actually enjoy smoking when I do, and it's not really a big deal anymore. In fact, recently I moved to another city and decided to stop for a while until I get on my feet and meet people I'm comfortable with, and it feels good not to have smoked in about four weeks. That would have simply been unthinkable to me a year or two ago, I probably wouldn't have even had the courage to move, just for the fear of having to buy weed from strangers.