Reasons I Love The Weed...

I'm lucky enough to live in the ACT, which means that I can grow my own marijuana!

I love the social aspect of passing a fat joint around and just talking about whatever comes to mind with mates. I mean when else can you go into great detail about the zombie apocalypse, what would happen if someone invaded AUS and other totally random but awesome things. Then get real deep and meaningful, before watching some funny videos and having a great laugh.

There is nothing better then having a hectic day and coming home to pull a cone. I feel instantly relaxed and can wind-down.
On the downside I'm a pretty bad roller so have to get my mates to roll, but considering they roll cross-joints and a whole lot of other crazy stuff I'm pretty okay with that.
I also find that I'm more creative and pretty damn productive when stoned. I have a small suspicion that my housemates get me stoned sometimes just so I clean!

I respect the right of people to smoke and not smoke, but come on, I am WICKED at pingpong after a bit of weed. :P
aussie003 aussie003
18-21, F
May 21, 2012