I Love Mary Jane!!!

i was about 12 years old the first time i hit the bong and i loved it! i had one bad trip because someone put coke in the blunt and ive never tried coke cane so i was huging the toilet everyone was trying to tell me i was greening out but it couldnt of been that ive been smoking way to long to green out. then finally the dude told me the blunt had coke i cried and punched the dude in the face there is just some thing in life u shouldnt do like puttin coke or any kind of drugs in someones blunt. but that didnt stop me i still carried on wit smoking weed but i learned not to let anyone roll my weed! the only time i stop smoking was when i was pargnant for my daughter and i was so weed sick and wasnt hungry after i gave birth to my daughter i went right back to smoking my weed. im a very high string person and always on edge but as soon as i smoke my weed im so chilled. im 23 and my mom still acts like im 15 about i need help i smoke to much lalala u kno how moms are lol. i get up in the morning and have to wake and bake if i dont im sick all day. i usually dont eat if i havent smoked. my family thinks that smoking weed is so bad and thaat i have a problem... i dont think smoking weed is a problem my bills r always paid my rent is never late and my daughter has everything she needs and wants plus more and i always have food so if i wanna smoke weed i dont think its a problem
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Honestly, if your bills stay paid and you got a steady income and your baby girl stays with a full belly I don't see a problem with it. Coke blunts are pretty tough, you feel craaaaaaaaaazy wigged out, but yeah if you roll your own there's no worries lol