I Live the Stoner Lifestyle...

You know what our parents told us not to turn out like and elaborated on how marijuana was horrible and how it killed your brain cells? Well.. that's me, except all of the bullshit they threw in there. I am a complete pot head and I have a great job, I am following my dreams, I have a place of my own, and I have my head on my shoulders. I think the only people who make pot out to be  bad thing are those people who have never actually tried it. I don't plan on ever giving up Mary Jane and I don't really care what other people think. I see being a complete stoner as a recreational activity, nothing harmful. What am I going to do when I'm high? I normally fix a snack and make fun of random things... that's it. I don't bother anyone and I stay to myself. Really, being high is the one of the best feelings in the world. I encourage everyone to at least try it once.

(By the way... I am pretty baked right now, so forgive me on spelling errors or if this just doesn't even make sense)

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LOL yes it's a lot of fun to do that

puke+ fight +drunk driving = alcohol = legal chill+munch+laugh= weed = illegal..........doesn't make sense!

Yes, I totally agree. You can live a normal life and blaze all the time, and it is a lot better than drinking all of the time.

Your writing while stoned is better than some people's when they're straight. And I totally agree, the propaganda against pot is from people who've never tried it.

Thats whats up :] Perfect lifestyle~ Hope to be where you are soon, although I don't see it happening lol

Hello all,<br />
I should not be making any statements right now because I am stoned. But I am going to anyway. If what I have to say sounds weird ignore it. I served two tours Iraq. What I saw and what I did still bothers me. The VA calls this PTSD. But what I did was the right thing. Even after time to think about it, what I did was the right thing! The problem is it still bothers me. The only thing that gives me comfort is Marijuana. After my second tour in Iraq, I served in the National Guard an was on title 10 orders, I was put on medical hold. After three years I was finally discharged (medical combat related). I do not live in or near a medical Marijuana state so I tell all of my medical care people that I smoke Marijuana so they have all the needed information. But they can not prescribe Marijuana even though they know that is what I need.

Rock on! <br />
I need to find a job and can't smoke now :( But in this modern world we live in, jobs are harder to find than bud, wuts up with that?! You say you have a good job, would you please share with me how to find one of those and be able to smoke? I don't only want to smoke because of the obvious joy it brings, but for medical purposes. BTW, I don't live in a medical marijuana friendly state (that I know of) and cant afford to move.

You are by far the coolest chick on here!!! Come on ladies, it's ok to get high. And may I say on behalf of the fellas, "we love a women who can smoke with us, number one secret turn on".

You ROCK....i'm also baked...yay for us! lol

yup.....how many people die from drinking and smoking each year in the U.S.? Now how many die from smoking bud? EXACTLY. while it isnt healthy for you smoking bud is a good vice to have if you're gonna have one

Been smoking 30yrs and, had i known your mom coulda been you dad too! NEVER believe the system!! The bible says "...& on the 3rd day....and at the end of the day said IT IS GOOD...." check it out(Gen 1:11-13) and.... guess what the main ingrediant was in the annointing oil?? Kanebos, where cannabis comes from. (just love the purple goth lips too)

I could not agree more. I have a great job, and I smoke recreationally. It does wonders for TV.

Good on you :) I agree :D

As a chronic pain sufferer,..a bit of smoko seems to bring relief...in that its a change to the monotony of back-ache..As an adjunct to painkillers,..it softens the blow a bit...Long-term it can sap motivation,..and become a bit addictive..Mood can be deadened and some mental confusion and/or forgetfulness can set in..It does keep people off the streets,..and apart from the obvious detriments of smoking in general,..it is probly more fun than harm....I never encourage others to indulge,..but so many do anyway...The world is none the worse for some slowing down and thoughtful meandering..

I agree!!!