Marijuana Is the Greatest Gift

I started smoking marijuana my freshman year of college. Prior to that, i drank maybe twice; and never considered smoking pot, i thought it was stupid. Yet, when i started smoking, i did so as a sort of outlet of the everyday lifestyle. I found it was a way to escape everything. I always describe a high as a dense and clarified sense of oneself and others. To me, it means the ability to connect with not only yourself, but other people. I do my best thinking when high, and often times find i get more out of it when i smoke alone. It may sound lame, but its get to go inside your head and float around in the abyss, idealizing and dreaming. Its very much a theraputic process. Its also an odd thing in that ever since i have started smoking pot, my life has improved in many aspects. I have never felt "addicted" as some may say you can be to pot. If anything, i have had an inlking to want it when i dont have it, but that last for no more than a sec or two and i move on with my day. Its become a part of my life now; something i do that is beneficial for my mind, body and soul. I am active, and healthy and i find that marijuana is an integral part in my healthy/active lifestyle as it makes me relax and destress. I think everyone can agree, marijuana is the greatest gift in that it gives everyone a chance to liberate themselves and be stoned all the while. One last point..i do find sometimes that it is highly social taboo. I often find that i do become self-concious to the fact that i do smoke it, and it is "illegal". However, i have grown to accept the fact that it is my choice and i choose to use it for my own purposes. Its negative connotation is derived by those who have never experienced the awesomness of a high. Those that have, are more than willing to share the experience and soak it all up. I am now turning 21, and i will be able to drink legally. This is great, i guess; i am not much of a drinker. I'd choose mary jane over alcohol any day (although a couple glasses of red wine and weed go GREAT together!). I dont expect i will stop anytime soon :).

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Hey everyone :) I've been smoking herb regularly since college.. I'm now 36.. Like many of you, I went from smoking in a social setting to making it my own little private winding down ritual, usually at the end of the day. To anyone who thinks it makes you an underachiever I say: I have my PhD, 2 parallel careers, a teenage son, a love of nature, photography, exploring the world.... herb has been a good companion- unlike tobacco and alcohol, which I have seen interfere with many lives...<br />
Peace all!

I also start smoking pot at my freshman year of college, and with friends. MJ makes me feel like i can finaly rest! away from any problem! I can just listen to music, I can dance, talk, do something crazy... and the feeling is AWESOM!! <br />
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I used to smoke only on get togethers or parties with friends..but i recently realized that smoking alone at home its VERY relaxing...cuz with friends i always laugh A LOT, and we do crazy fun it feels nice! but alone I can think and relax =)<br />
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PEace&LOve yall

Finally people who like smoking alone. At first I enjoyed smoking in social settings but now it's kind of annoying. I prefer just to smoke alone and some think that's weird but I find i'm able to focus on my thoughts better. I also used to feel self concious because I thought I was doing something wrong but now, like you, I've accepted that this is my personal decision and since I'm not hurting anybody...pass the blunt.

I use weed as a getaway too. I started smoking shortly after graduating from high school, stopped for 2 years (to get a better job) then started right back and haven't turned back since. People say smoking weed is bad and blah blah blah but I think they just say that because they havent took a hit themselves.

Thank you! It's great to know that there are other people who enjoy the pleasure of being alone when high. It is really rare to find people that like it..and you are correct in that people wont really understand..

Puff, puff, pass.<br />
Welcome fellow pothead, I am a cannabis lover also :)