Used to Smoke Every Day

From 30 to 50 I used to get high everyday. One day I stopped it abruptly, no external pressure, I just felt I was too paranoid and didn't enjoy the feeling. Now I'd like to get high and then screw - it sure has less calories than alcohol!

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fasterpussycat stated; “Sativa strains are generally the ones that induce paranoia. Try smoking indica dominants”… <br />
That is generally true, however; sometimes aspects of getting old sucks, because our metabolism changes and it doesn't matter which strains of cannabis that it is sometimes it's just metabolism changing and compilation of experiences that changed the way the synapses in the brain connect and also our personal situations, and surrounding etc. <br />
One of the reasons I very recently stopped using cannabis is because I had a major adrenaline spike. <br />
It was not directly caused by the cannabis, but nonetheless, I have personal issues that unexpectedly made me feel extremely uncomfortable with it at this point in time.<br />
But I'm way for cannabis, not against it.<br />
It's far better than most pharmaceuticals for a long list of chronic conditions; not to mention the recreational value of it and of course its way better than caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, all of those are deadly poison! <br />
And of course to compare to opiates, if you want to quit cannabis it's a lot easier than quitting opiates is; using opiates and quitting cold turkey from opiates can actually be deadly. <br />
Of course there is always the fact that one person's medicine is another person’s poison. <br />
<br />
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The paranoia thing is sort of what happened to me but I'm not into the screwing thing at this point in my life. <br />
I also feel real unsafe, because I'm going to go cross-country and I don't want any in my system either.

Thanks for the guidance from someone obviously an expert!

Sativa strains are generally the ones that induce paranoia. Try smoking indica dominants, the high is much mellower and less cerebral, you probably won't get that heart racing paranoia.