How One Persons Word Can Change Your Life

My perception in a justice system that is fair and unbiased has recently been destroyed,for I am just one of the many who have had their privacy and tranquility turned upside down by the Canadian Drug Enforcement Squad or in short The Marijuana Squad, for I seldom hear of any hard drug busts and I know they are even easier to attain than pot in my area. The reason my house was raided was because 1 person said that they purchased marijuana from me. Now although I am a chronic smoker(2 oz.) a day I don't sell marijuana nor have I ever. I have a nickname,the same as on experience project minus the 420 because I resemble the personage of Tommy Chong. I am not ashamed of this resemblance but unfortunately the town where I live is very small and everybody has at least heard of everybody. My smoking is well known in my town,last 420 half a pound was smoked and ate. This one person, who I've probably never met gave the police my name to get himself/herself out of a problem. When the police came they were loaded for bear. They entered my home with guns drawn and yelling a host of things. I was in shock. I didn't know how to react. After the initial shock wore off I complied completely and obeyed the police. I co-operated totally telling them were my marijuana was located. My son,who was sleeping was also charged along with a friend there for coffee. I am a 48 year old man who has never been arrested for any crime. I have lived at the present address for 5 years and never even had the police to the door. I was treated like a hardened criminal even though my name was on the warrant and I'm sure they checked. I eat,drink and smoke marijuana both socially and for a chronic pain problem I've had to deal with. Marijuana allows me to contribute to society. I am on no social programs or assistance because I'm able to do light work due to my marijuana consumption. The funny thing is and I mean both ha ha funny and strange is that nothing changed except for my situation. People are still smoking,still buying and still selling. In fact within half an hour of release we were blazing again from what the police left behind. I recently found my kitchen scales I use to weigh up my cookie mixture so the scales they have don't even work. That's the ha ha part.

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2 ounces a day of good smoke? That would be a 3.5 lb/mo habit. Even in California that is a 6-8 thousand dollar a month habit. Wow. I guess if u grow it...its cheaper...or are smoking crappy stuff. Still that is insane.

i understand exactly what you mean chong i was busted with a single 3 gram bag of weed and because they found it in my car i was searched for weapons and other drugs. the only drug i have ever used is marijuana i have a full time job an apartment and i pay bills just like everybody else, i was introduced to marijuana a few years ago. Since i was 15 i have had terrible anxiety and unbearably painful migraines and the only thing that i have found to relieve the pain and anxiety was marijuana and just because i smoke weed im treated like a criminal.

i understand exactly what you mean chong i was busted with a single 3 gram bag of weed and because they found it in my car i was searched for weapons and other drugs. the only drug i have ever used is marijuana i have a full time job an apartment and i pay bills just like everybody else, i was introduced to marijuana a few years ago. Since i was 15 i have had terrible anxiety and unbearably painful migraines and the only thing that i have found to relieve the pain and anxiety was marijuana and just because i smoke weed im treated like a criminal.

Thanks fasterpussycat. A lot of people just look at marijuana as a social thing but Sometimes you need a deeper relief. I make canna butter also and I make an incredibly tasty cookie. But without that amount I don't even know where'd I'd be. I really don't even like thinking about it. Marijuana is a gift to man kind, unfortunately theres only a portion of the poulation that realizes this. Thanks for your continued support. Hope things are bareable this evening. Peace

THUMBS UP, fasterpussycat, Lacey13 & Chong!

I have to agree that 2 ounces a day is not excessive if some of it is being used in baked goods and cooking. I make canna butter and it uses 2 ounces alone for an amount that lasts me about a week. On top of that, I bake with it, make tea and tincture (4 ounces to make a tincture of decent potency) and smoke about a 1/4 o a day depending on how I'm feeling... it adds up fast.<br><br />
I known quite a few medical users over the years who consume similar amounts to what chong uses, it's really not unreasonable or unbelievable.

Amen Lacey13. That is the issue . When you have to deal with the type of pain that makes you cry at 3 in the morning and you've tried every crazy prescription they have and there is something that doesn't destroy you physically or mentally, well you just thank God everyday that this plant is here. and I do ,not only from me but I know how much pain there is that could be helped by this misunderstood plant. I'm so glad I have friends that understand but are also so articulate with there explanations. So much ignorance and propaganda.

You are quite welcome Chong. I think douganafife was just looking for attention with the comment. It was commented on now maybe it's over. It is really pitiful what propaganda has done to this plant. It's like "Reefer Madness" all over again. <br />
Hope you are doing well!

Your awesome cntryloner. I love you. You always know just wat to say. I didn't go in to detail with douganafife because he'd alteady made up his mind. Your are absolutly right ,for 12 cookies, pan of brownies takes about half an oz. It always amazes me when people just assume a person with serious pain problems are expected to just curl up in a ball.

DouganAFife, you are "assuming" that it is all smoked and that is not the case. Marijuana also works through consumption as with, cookies, cakes, butter etc..... ANYONE using it for medical purposes is certainly NOT looking for attention. It's not really up to you to believe it or not. Those of us that KNOW what Chong is talking about realize that using it in cooking takes a large amount. Chong was being nice to you, I on the other hand say, "Why not find attention with your comments elsewhere".

Thanks for noticing me DouganAfife. Obviously you're not suffering any pain conditions. As far as the amount I smoke whether you believe me or not has no bearing on the issue. Just that you read the whole story and the various comments made towards it. I know Marijuana is an issue but the point is how 1 person can change your whole life. I respect your opinion and value your input but I know the amount I consume. If your interested ,certain areas I get more into detail.

Well said sizzlingkiss. I couldn't agree more. People who don't have these types of problems should become more educated. Where I live the hardcore prescription drugs are easier to get than marijuana. I've also tried a host of prescribed medicines and its not pleasant. I maintain that why shouldn't good people at least have a little chance to live a normal life. With constant pain life is never normal anyways but if there is some relief I say it should be allowed. Thanks for your story. My prayers are with you and all the experience project members I'm proud to call friends.

This has turned into an intelligent and well thought out discussion. It's great to see so much informed support for med pot. It just goes to show how wrong it for people to assume that all cannabis users are stereotypical, spaced out potheads with nothing more than munchies on their minds.<br />
You'd think the 'powers that be' would get the idea.

Smoking marijuana, the federal government constantly reminds us, is dangerous in every way. It impairs cognitive functioning, makes you high, and, because it's smoked, is a demon in a bong hit – and so on. <br />
A counterargument is that pot has helped thousands of cancer and AIDS patients, for example, contend with side effects of their illnesses and treatments. There is also evidence that marijuana works for some psychiatric disorders as well, principally depression and bipolar disorder. Among some people, pot is jokingly referred to as "green Prozac."<br />
This treatment is controversial for anyone that uses it as such, Its been used in the treatment of many illnesses such as, Aids,cancer,krohns disease, and even the treatment of Alzheimer's patients. <br />
During the Vietnam war, our government shipped it to our soldiers to help with the onset of traumatic stress disorder. Will they admit to that, NO..but it happened and they are fully aware that it is a viable treatment for mental disorders. Does it work for everyone, No, just like most medicines of course. I personally have been on medication after medication. Starting with the psychotropic drugs normally used to treat bipolar. If you know nothing about these type of drugs I will tell you they aren't just simple little medicines. This form of medication completely changes the chemical makeup of the brain. That's big! Have you ever had the chemical makeup of your brain changed. Let me tell you its no walk in the park. Its an unbelievable process that puts you through hell before you even get to the point where the medicine has settled into your system. My first one was Litho bid w/ a mixture of Welbutrin SR. I didn't take those long, and to this day refuse to take another one. How is a drug that changes the chemical make up of your brain any worse than what marijuana does to your brain. If you personally have not taken these type of medications well I hesitate to be able to understand how you can voice an opinion on the matter. They are harsh drugs, they make you do things you wouldn't normally do and at times make you unrecognizable to even your family. <br />
<br />
Does everyone use marijuana to get stoned ..NO. There are those people like me that are just fine with taking a hit of two of the drug to take the edge off. If I am in a severely depressed mood this will change my mood to at least be able to stop the crying and function, with the ability to carry on a conversation that might otherwise not take place because I am holed up in a bed under the blankets, unsociable and unwilling to do anything but cry or sleep. <br />
Those who don't know much about the sale and distribution of this drug let me break it down a little. It isn't as easy for woman of my age to get my hands on this and when I am able to do so I but by the 1/8th. That's roughly between 5-8 grams. Someone who buys this drug for the pure satisfaction of getting high can go through this amount in a matter of hours or just one day..whereas that amount in my hands can last anywhere from 7 to 9 days. That's not abuse that's simply using it for the medicinal purpose of taking the edge off a serious mood swing. <br />
I think its a conversation that more Americans need to be discussing, and I think that mental illnesses need to be added to the list of illnesses that it can be treated for . I'm not sure that it will happen in my lifetime, but I do hope that eventually people stop thinking of it as just a drug that gets you high. Its no more harmful than the use of most medications prescribed to treat bipolar, and it deserves a chance at least as a study among those with mental illnesses. Alcohol can be bought in just about any store you go into, and its much more harmful in my opinion that a plant that is natural and has been here since the beginning of time. Does god make mistakes what's to say that this plant wasn't intended for just that medicinal purposes.

Man I hear the same stories all the time. It breaks my heart that such fine people are put in a criminal situation through no fault of there own. I quit for 2 years once just to prove a point. Marijuana is not addictive. I won 200 dollars from that particular individual and he never made that particular statement again. I've tried a million prescription meds and either didn't have no change or turned me into a lethargic confused person. NO THANKS P. S. cntryloner Even tho I have constant pain I can't imagine wat you go through. I so admire your strength and perseverence. Bless you & don't give up the fight.

WOW! A lot has been said since 6 hrs ago :). <BR>odballamericanman - DUDE! That was so beyond well written :). Those of us that smoke it for pain issues do it because it works or in my case because I was on so many "man made" pills the side effects were getting worse than the disease itself. I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. A very brief description is, although it is it's "own disease" it's like taking MD and mixing it with MS. My nerve endings and most muscles are shot. Who would ever think that nerve endings dying would hurt? OH! Let me count the ways! That is what is so good about marijuana, it treats all kinds of pain. Be it physical or psychological. A friends brother is bi-polar and they tried every medicine known to man but it either did not work or had bad side effects. One Dr brave enough told him to try marijuana. It was not an over night success but within 6 weeks he was what the worlds likes to consider "normal". Chong, Lacey13 and myself use it for our pains. And those like hippyheart used it until it no longer worked but WAS NOT ADDICTED as they say you can get. Those against it, I think fear it because of lack of knowledge. The reason it will never be "legalized" is because the pharmaceutical companies stand too much to lose. <BR>So unfortunately people like Chong and countless others will pay the price for using a God given plant that works. Chong it's too bad you could not use odballamericanman's story! That would win a case hands down!

Wow that just tell u inept and corrupt police can be any were no matter were they are. instead of puting crack houses and dope spots out of buissness the go after pot smokers who work for there money.


Yeah I seen that too lacy13. Hopefully Obama is a little more compassionate than bush. It looks like he may be. After all his half bro got busted in Kenya for smokin' a bit of green. So you just know that Barrack and his bro had a few sessions. Power to the people.

lol Yeah may seem extreme but Ive found one person's extreme to be another person's normal. I smoke a lot for my pain, I've also been smoking for 30 years. I've developed a certain tolerance over the years and don't recommend first timers to indulge like this. But it does control my pain(up to a point) and allows me to be a productive member of my community.

<br />
<br />
Thats a lot of freakin' pot Dude!<br />
<br />
I just don't know what to say about all the rest.. <br />
<br />
~ head is still shaking ~

Well said man. That is the problem. Misinformation. I live in a town with less than 700 people and we have 6 bars, three halls a LCBO and a beer store. There is at least 3 towns within a 20 minute drive which are even more full of these types of establishements. I have smoked marijuana for 30 years. During that time i have never been in an accident due to marijuana, have never exibited any type of psychosis or violent tendancies, raised two children to adulthood with my wife and held steady employment until I hurt myself at work. All this while smoking marijuana. I am not ashamed to smoke marijuana nor will I ever wish to stop. My pain is very intense at times and marijuana is the only thing that allows me to function like a normal person. And really shouldn't that be everyone's right? P.S Oddballamericanman KUDOS. That was a most informative piece. Education is definately the way to break down the barriers. Thanks man

I think sweetheart71 is a bit misinformed. <br />
First Marinol has no cannabis in it whatsoever. It is a pharmaceutically derived substance. <br />
Second of all morphine works real good for pain, but then you become addicted, as well as other side effects like constipation and extreme drowsiness for example. <br />
When I was smoking cannabis; I was using it to treat depression as well as an appetite inducer, because unlike most Americans I am too thin also for physical pain. Actually more so psychologically for many years until I had major back pain from work injuries. <br />
<br />
Here in California it is not called a ‘prescription’ for cannabis because it is still a federal crime for a doctor to prescribe cannabis, but they can make a statement that a person has conditions that if they use cannabis it can likely help improve their medical condition and quality of life in general. Very few are willing to stick their necks out and say that. Of course there are many that simply don't believe it in the first place.<br />
<br />
Also, chong420 did mention he eats cannabis.<br />
There are other derivatives in cannabis as well that do not get you ‘high’, like the THC does that do work very good for pain and also as an appetite stimulant as well as many other chronic conditions that pharmaceuticals just don't work as well if at all without major deleterious side effects such as liver cancer, stomach ulcers, tumors muscle spasms, and yes; even psychosis and other things that have been suspect in causing to occur in some patients, and actually proven to cause cancer, tumors, and liver damage in laboratory animals after taking particular specific pharmaceuticals that in the past and probably still do now have had / have; benzene in them for example. <br />
<br />
Anyway, why in the world would anybody want to smoke tobacco? But they do, and it's legal, and it kills them. <br />
What about alcoholism, that's pretty nasty, also! That [drunk driving, spousal abuse and public disturbance] also kills other innocent people because of traffic accidents, violence and things like that.<br />
What about other pharmaceuticals that people get physically addicted to? Would it be a wise thing to recommend them all cases instead of cannabis? <br />
<br />
Here in the United States cannabis is still illegal for anybody to study the effects of it in an efficient scientific way unless they get special permits that the government generally doesn't issue, because they consider it a schedule 1 narcotic, which means that scientific peer review is impossible which is absolutely ridiculous! <br />
<br />
Personally I think it is so illegal because during the 60s people were taking lots of LSD before it became illegal and the people that didn't know what was going on blamed it on the marijuana! <br />
<br />
So to this day there is a ridiculously false belief system regarding cannabis.<br />
And because it's illegal to actually use science properly with unbiased peer review to prove otherwise; people that need medical cannabis are in essence criminalized.<br />
They have their children taken away and their property taken away, and they have their freedom taken away and they get put in prisons with violent gangsters, rapists and murderers!<br />
<br />
Actually people that have grown their own so that they're not involved in the criminal enterprise system per se, because they don't sell it have ended up getting more severely persecuted then the people that actually buy marijuana that had been smuggled into the United States just for the sole purpose of selling it for profit.<br />
By the way a lot of the smuggled marijuana usually has lots of chemicals in it and could be quite poisonous because of the chemicals used as pesticides.<br />
<br />
I do basically understand the question ‘why would you want to smoke pot?’ But not because of the fact that the pharmaceutical; ‘Marinol’ exists as a so-called alternative because Marinol just doesn't work, except in a few isolated cases maybe. <br />
<br />
But the rest of that question sweetheart71 asked, ‘just because you are in pain’ seems really callous to me, what do you mean ‘just’ because you're in pain, do any of us really know how much pain any particular person other than themselves that we don't know has? <br />
That statement / question seems to be very judgmental, and misinformed about chronic painful nerve conditions. <br />
<br />
Sure, there are a very small number of people that have used cannabis that get psychotic behind it. But that's no excuse to deny somebody else the proper medication. <br />
<br />
And not only that; the culture here is really into alcohol for entertainment purposes and Recreation, [wineries for example, here in Northern California] [not to mention a plethora of bars and pubs and the fact that you if you are over 21 years old can get alcohol at almost every grocery store].<br />
<br />
Cannabis is really not much different than that, as far as the law would be concerned. Except it's probably easier to grow it in your backyard then tobacco is or making wine or distill alcohol spirits.<br />
It seems if the laws were actually realistic to the situation, there would be more informed people and less hatred, discrimination, and; there would be a lot less peaceful people in prisons today. <br />
<br />
Other than the fact that the United States government has listed cannabis as a schedule 1 narcotic; <br />
Why isn't alcohol listed as a schedule 1 narcotic? Or tobacco listed as a deadly poison? What about caffeine? All of those things have known deadly doses! <br />
The only way that I know of how cannabis was actually used to kill was hangman’s nooses at the gallows in the 1800s for example.<br />
And of course, any overdose of smoke inhalation carbon monoxide or anything like that from anything burning would kill somebody, but that's not what we're talking about here. <br />
<br />
Psychological pain is a major thing and it [the use of cannabis] helped me with a lot for my psychological pain during the years that I used it. <br />
<br />
Very recently, my metabolism changed and I stopped using it but I'm not against it simply because it isn't working the same for me anymore. I will never be against it because I know it works. And it helped me survive my myriad of traumas! <br />
<br />
For me it was mostly psychological until about eight years ago when I had major back pain from work injuries.<br />
<br />
I think that most people don't believe how painful psychological injuries are. I think there are a lot more devastating psychological injuries then most people and the medical profession are willing to realize.<br />
<br />
However, the pharmaceutical companies sure as hell are taking advantage of it!<br />
<br />
Unfortunately, the general population is disgusted by psychological injuries because they are inept and indoctrinated; not to mention they don't give a ****! Because many of them actually have some of their own psychological interpersonal issues, but the vast majority of them are too hung up and vain to talk about it with anybody. Unlike me I am the opposite. I like [no I need] to talk about it because it helps me work through it.<br />
But that's a major factor in why I consider myself an “oddball”.

OH CHONG! I am so sorry to read this. I "thought" in Canada they allowed Medical use now? Shows how much I don't know. And it sounds like your court system is no different that ours here in the states. If you are rich you can walk away with murder. But a poor person (which I am) if I look cockeyed the wrong way I could get 20 yrs! UGH! Our systems just SUCK!<BR><BR>And fasterpussycat WELL SAID to sweetheart17! <BR><BR>Chong I hope you can find a lawyer with a heart that is willing to fight for your rights instead of tucking tail. NO ONE deserves you go through what you are going through right now. I am very proud to call you friend!!! And Toker too :).

Oh Chong, I am so sorry to hear of your troubles. I have also been raided by the gestapo pot police- "the green team". All I can say about their tactics is OVERKILL and it's no better in the city. Many municipalities now have bylaws regarding premises used for 'production' and after a visit by the green gestapo, the house is tagged with a "no occupancy" sign by the city and the power is cut off. It took 3 months of inspections by bylaw enforcement officers and several thousand dollars worth of fees before the city authorized the power to be re-connected, allowing the house to be occupied again.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
Talk about a nightmare. To top it off, no charges were laid at the time of the arrest, they waited almost 4 months... until after the city bylaw crap was dealt with before they sent a letter stating they were proceeding with charges. Talk about adding insult to injury!<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
Don't even get me started on lawyers, after paying one lawyer he missed the first 4 court appearances and refused to pursue a med pot defense altho I have a doctors prescription for medical use. After firing his sorry butt we now have a lawyer who specializes in med pot cases but he can't do legal aid. It's gonna cost upward of $3500 to be defended in court and that's on top of the money paid to the 1st lawyer, the fees paid to the city bylaw inspectors. Never mind the 3 months of not being able to occupy the house, which was more than enough punishment as far as I'm concerned.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
The legal system in Canada is absolutely 2 tiered, in order to have any chance of beating these charges a high priced lawyer is necesary... legal aid can't/ won't help with a med pot defense. Their lawyer advised pleading guilty and accepting a slap on the wrist and a criminal record. <br><br><br />
Sorry, not acceptable!<br><br><br />
The cost to the city, the police and the courts is already way out of proportion to the alleged offense. It makes no sense to waste more of the courts time (and our $) dragging this through the court system for the next year or 2 when no real crime has been committed and no harm has been done to persons or property.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
Good luck to you, I hope you are able to find a lawyer who can get your charges thrown out, as they should be.<br><br><br />
<br><br><br />
Oh, Sweetheart71, Marinol is not an option for many people. Whole plant marijuana is made up of many different cannabinoids with different modes of action. Marinol contains a synthesized version of one cannabinoid and it does not have the same effect. In addition, as chong stated, it has heavy sedative/ knock out effects. Sativex is slightly better, but still does not contain the same range of theraputic compounds as whole plant cannabis.

Although I respect and appreciate your opinion I can't agree with it. I've tried all the pain meds from tylonol 3's which will cause eventual kidney failure over long term use to Quinine which has an addiction rate higher than opium. And yes i have taken the wonder drug Marinol It is slow acting and then hits you like a freight train. You can't do nothing for 2 hours. Marijuana allows me to do light work and at least stay off the system. I have been medically diagnosed with extreme chronic pain which means pain everyday.As far as the law goes I always subscribe to God's laws over man's. He said everything he created is good and beneficial to man including marijuana. I don't know you but you seem like an intelligent individual. If you haven't already check out some information. Knowledge is power.

I don't understand why you would want to smoke pot just because you are in pain. Take Marinol, which has a bit of pot in it, but is perscribed by a doctor. You all are just looking for reasons to try and get around the law.

Back from court just now. It seems the Canadian government is still inept as ever. I am poor so therefore was put in the position of applying for Legal Aid. I did this on the 17 of March and was told I would receive a phone call if there was a problem. They knew my lawyers name and also my court date. Today my lawyer informed me that he'd received nothing from Legal Aid. I've never been in any situation like this in all my life, so I'm not 100% sure of what I'm required to do. I just figured they would phone me and let me know the situation. I was wrong. So now I have to phone and see if I even have a lawyer. In this country the justice system is 2 tiered, the rich slide through and the poor get pushed and pulled through. I heard recently that the Canadian government spends excess of 400 million dollars on marijuana eradication and marijuana related crimes. All this for a plant that grows naturally with no stimulation and no processing like most of the man made chemical subatropics. I have a deep faith in Jehovah and believe that everything he created is good and beneficial to man. Anyways back to the system next month. Hope this is over soon. P.S. Thanks for all the support. You guys ROCK!!! I'm glad I joined experience project, the people are awesome!!

That really sucks!<br />
I've lived in the emerald triangle of California, most of my life; I know exactly what it's like.<br />
After Ronald Reagan was elected, we got terrorized by helicopters.<br />
They flew so low that they actually broke a pine tree top, right next to my dwelling!<br />
There was a National Guard man strapped to the helicopter with bulletproof vest, and all the gear on standing on the landing rail of the helicopter holding a 50 caliber machine gun, ready to go!<br />
They were not merely just loaded for bear they were ready for combat! <br />
It wasn't really us they were after they were just looking for cultivation of marijuana. <br />
But to this day helicopters still scare the living crap out of me; whenever I hear a helicopter doing maneuvers.<br />
That is actually a major subject Re: my PTSD! <br />
<br />
I have had one of those so-called legal recommendations from a doctor for medical marijuana, because of proposition 215 here in California.<br />
So I know what its like both to be an outlaw smoker and also the so-called medical marijuana user. <br />
I also remember the 70s very well, I was surrounded by all that prior to Ronald Reagan being elected president in 1980, and the war on drugs which he started here in America and afterwards as well. <br />
<br />
Hopefully there won't **** with you in court with that legal mumble jumble crap! <br />
<br />
Until recently; March 3, 2009 to be exact; I have been using it on and off since I was about 16, mostly on. I am almost 50 years old now. <br />
<br />
Anyway, this is getting too long. I hope it all works out good for you! P.S. Keep on keeping on!

GOOD LUCK Chong!!!! And I hope the person that did this to you meets Karma "real soon".

Yeah, small towns SUCK! Everyone knows everyone's business. I am sure my day will come eventually :(. And it's not like the "old days" when you NEVER narced a friend or for that matter "anyone". Wish I could click my heels and go back to the 70's :). BTW, I also use it for chronic pain and was able to stop taking as many pain pills.

Even though I don't know anything about you, this makes me angry. I am also a pot smoker and to read this kind of craziness is just mind blowing, I couldn't imagine the police raiding my house..for weed. What's worst is that a fellow toker turned you in. Can't we all just smoke in peace? Keep doing your thing dude, **** the man! LOL