Weed Is For Me.....

Weed for me is just another activity to do, just like brushing your teeth or walking your dog. I enjoy it and it's a release for me, I feel I am a better person because I smoke weed. At first I felt like I was doing something bad and wrong but I've come to the conclusion that this is my decision and it's nobody's business what I do on my on time. I'm not hurting anyone so there's no problem. When I smoke I feel like my mind is open to accepting new ideas on levels that I couldn't reach being sober. I'm not a heavy heavy smoker, I can smoke an oz. in a week, with friends, well just one friend because I find now I prefer smoking alone, sometimes people just **** up my high. But yeah I really don't have a story about how I got started, I just started one day when I was 16 and been hooked ever since. I like it, not only is it an out of body experience but also a good icebreaker in social settings. Weed is cool, weed smokers are cool, everybody's cool lol. Also I feel weed smokers have negative connotations attached to us, like we're dumb, slow, and air headed. I couldn't disagree more, I'm a college student and can hold a decent conversation with just about anyone. And I can't remember the last time I did bad on a test....I smoke at least 2 blunts before tests. Overall I say don't knock it till you try it, and when you try it, try it with me, lol.

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

i just wanna say.. that the whole idea that you have of marijuana its almost the same for me :D so thank you for your wordss

Smoking before tests is awesome! Also smoking before class especially math! helps me focus more on what the instructor is teaching, I never got math until I went to class stoned! Everytime I took a test when I was high I passed it even made 100's on it no lie!!! <br />
And I agree with you breezy it is fuked up that ppl give us sterotypes like being stupid or slow or dumb or bad because we smoke, if anything I am a better person to be around when Im high, Im more descriptive, more focused more loving and definately definately more positive! Im down to my last blunt and the emotions that I cant wash off in the bath are blocking my focus, which isnt a good feeling at all! <br />
umm, sorry not high right now so im not feelin to well, but I am glad to see that someone shares the same love for mary jane as I do! <br />
Thanks for ur story!

LOL. Me too, I was just comparing it to an everyday activity because it's a regular activity for me.

Well, I like it a whole lot more than brushing my teeth!