Has This Ever Happened to Anyone Else?

Okay, so I don't really smoke pot.  If it's at a party or something and it's passed to me, I'll partake, but other than that, never.  So far I've only smoked it twice in my life (and there's a huge four year gap in between each time).  The first time was fine, actually, but the second time . . .

I was at a party and had been drinking really heavily.  We were playing drinking games with red bull and cherry UV vodka.  Then the pot got passed around, and I'd never used a pipe before, so my friend had to teach me how to toke.  It was pretty hilarious, actually.

Everything was cool, until some douchebag (my friend) had to bring up a topic I feel very strongly about.  She, another one of my friends, and someone I didn't even know ganged up on me, trying to convince my views were wrong and immoral.  Of course, I felt attacked, largely because someone I didn't even know was involved and I was too intoxicated to defend myself against all three people.  I ran up the stairs, yelling a few choice words at them as I did so, and went to the backyard.  I sat out there and suddenly everything seemed so bleak.  I had flipped the @#$@ out!  I felt hopeless, worthless, and could hardly keep track of all the negative thoughts racing around my head.  My stomach was a mess of fattening food, alcohol, and marijuana (I really don't know why I thought that last one; I was @##%ed up) and I wanted it out of my system.  I wanted to feel clean, so I tried to make myself throw up, but I couldn't.

Has anyone else ever had a freakout like this after smoking?  Were you drinking heavily, too, like me?  Are there cheap, easy ways around this like boosting serotonin production with 5-HTP?  Am I just @#$#ed up?

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1 Response Apr 13, 2009

I don't know you but I'm glad your safe.