High, All Day Every Day..

when sober i struggle to the point of being couchbound with irritable pain, and major depression. i gave up on conventional ways of psych meds etc, and went away and grew my own med. marijuana works wonderfully for me and gave me back my dying will. smoke round the clock aint ever gonna stop.  pease..  love&doves  ray.  wish you well!

rystrttn rystrttn
3 Responses Apr 25, 2009

I feel the same way. I hate feeling debilitated.

It is wonderful! Saves me from the same misery also. Keep tokin' and live your life happily and freely! :)

so do you love maryjane,,,I love her cus she is me,,,you can not smoke me either ,,,,lol,,loving what God/Goddess gave to us for medicine,,,it is real and not man made,,,,love and light mary