I Used to Smoke Weed and Do Other Drugs Daily .

I used to do drugs everyday but realized what a waste of life it was untill I met a wonderful co-worker who introduced me to nature and the beauty of it.  I also didn't want my only child -a male growing up thinking it was an  okay behavior.  He and I endured alot together and I must say he's a resonaible adult more then his mother was for awhile.  Pot made me feel numb to anything.  I was raped during my marriage  and drank and did drugs to make it go away.  Now I have a better outlet -the state prks that fill my weekends and free time.  My  life has been on a more possitive note-  I've lived alone  and functioned  as a responsible human being for over 15 years and enjoy most of it. 

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2 Responses Apr 26, 2009

Yes, there was time in my life it was often. Now it is only when I am intimate with....

I can relate all too much, and you must or at least SHOULD be proud of yourself for doing the right thing and raising your Son the way you did.<br />