I Smoke Too Much

I've been smoking since I was 11 or so. I am very addicted to it, just like everything else I come into contact with that is good. Hah. I try so hard to cut down just for the sake of my poor, young, already phlegm-infested lungs but I can't bring myself to do it. I say something like alright, I won't smoke tonight, or I won't smoke tomorrow morning. But then I get there and I just say "why not?"

Really though, why not! I have come to accept the permanent damage I have already done to myself. I can live with it.

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Sure, you can be addicted to anything, I never specified what "kind" of addiction, though. Just like people who are addicted to gambling or sex. When you do something you like, chemicals are released in your brain.. you feel good. Anything that feels good can be addicting.

just so you don't get the wrong idea about why i'm saying this, i want to make it clear that i will always love smoking pot, and that i think it's far beyond wrong that it is illegal in the first place (not to mention that 90% of the information that is released on it is complete garbage).<br />
that being said, it is impossible to become addicted to marijuana (or anything else for that matter), in reality it is a dysfunction of the reward system in the brain.<br />
and before anyone starts to argue, that is 100% fact! just ask any addiction medicine specialist that is worth half a **** and they will confirm that.<br />
<br />
sorry, didn't meant to rant

Me smoke pot two...it make me fun.

Hahaha :) I will die before I let marijuana affect my grammar.