Smoking Reds

Just a lil back story. I grew up around smoking, my grandfather was a self proclaimed tobacco farmer in a small town in North Carolina. As I grew up of course every one around me smoked, he smoked Winston's my cousins smoked new ports and so does my mom. When I was in the 9th grade a friend of mine had a party and he had a Newport so of course I took a couple of drags.... And boy did it taste bad.. So about a month I'd say I got my hands on a pack of marlboro 100 lights they where alright but they didn't seem to hit me like the intince feeling I got from the ones my grandfather smoked. That's when a friend told me about reds and after I took that first hit I was in love.. And I couldn't do shorts cause they didn't last long enough an ever sence that day I've been smoking reds and I enjoy the sensation and the buzz I can still get if I smoke one right after waking up.
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2 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I'm just the opposite, nobody smokes in my family, my parents totally condemn it, but it got my curiosity since I was a child. Then I got married to a smoker. He smokes swishes sweets and Marlboro reds (he smoke those for 38 years), at first I didn't like that he was a smoker, then I decided to try and found out that I really like it. I can immagine how something bad appears to you like something good if you grew up around cigarettes. I thought about it when I saw families like yours where everybody smokes, and I think it's normal for smokers to talk about different taste of cigarettes and different habits.
I smoked a little when I was in high school, now I don't and I don't like it, but I respect who does it, like who drink and who smoke pot..also if I keep saying to me that isn't a good thing.

I can see where your coming from and trust me its something that I never wanted to get started doing but like I said, I grew up around it and I've been in those health classes at school that tell you not to smoke and dip and drink but I was and still am that same kid that when the teacher says "its hard to quit once started" oh ill be able to quit when ever I feel like it.