"I Smoke Medicinal Marijuana"

marijuana has given me so much more relief from pain , nausia , sickness and being able to sleep and rest ,it makes the pain much more tolerable . i took the drugs the doctors prescribed for me and felt like a zombie ,it took everything away .marijuana has a legitimate place in this society ,and i hope the government will do more to ease the pain of people that are in need of help ... elo

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51-55, M
6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

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Yes, it helps me, with the..marbles, in my brain, that i wish, i could...lose...<br />
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Very painful, disease, those glowing enhancing, marbles....

Come on to California, folks! I really & truly don't see how Medical weed could be worse than stuff like Vicodin, or the huge bottle of 100--yes, 100!!!!--MORPHINE pills my husband was given for his sciatica (by the HMO).

Cannabis really is a miracle plant and it's a crime that it has been demonized and criminalized as it has. So many people could benefit from it if it were legal and people were more aware of it's healing effects.

I agree with levin. There is nothing at all wrong with marijuana and needs to be legalized. It's natural! And the benefits are huge. If alcohol is legal and cigarettes, then weed should be too. I smoke it when I feel very stressed and it helps me alot. Hubby smokes it regularly because he has a few mental issues, such as social anxiety. He could not function in the world without it. For real. And he cannot take pills for his problems as they make him ill. but, weed has no side effects for him whatsoever. You toke it up!

To me it is a crime against nature to ban a plant that grows naturally in this world. If the authorities would concentrate on all the manufactured chemicals and leave the things that God made grow on this earth alone it would be a far better world. Many countries have things that they chew, eat, etc that make their pain or tiredness go away. They are not bad things. Oh well. Maybe one day when I am gone. In the meantime I will buy my grass from the local hoodlum. I would gladly pay tax on it if the feds would ease up. Later.