Love To Jack Off On Meth

can do it for hours ... get very anal too ... best is when I turn on my cam and ********** for an audience ... love it
ericjorocks ericjorocks
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I love shooting meth
up and jacking off

I am doing that right this very second

Should share....have some fun.

Where can we get together and jo

Just hit the tube and my **** is about to get pounded I love the intense *******

I agree i will smoke quite abit and just have my **** get all sensitive to the pount i have to play with the head of my shriveld up **** feeling so good to rub on and theb u feel it gtting harder and pulsing as ur rubing it shaking cause the feeling is so intense that u feel it gettin thicker but not hard alittle while of rubbing the head ill get precum and omg its such a great feeling as the precum covers ur hand and u make that 1st long slow stroke to the base and back up so slow and theres more precum ready to get ur penis feeling good and lubed for some super slow intense jacking theen i loce the feeling of letting it get soft and hard and its super hard when u hard and soft the feeling of my **** grow in my hand high and if u are around a buddy to jo with ive never touch a buddys **** but watching him watch me ******* tellim me that my **** is nice and how i stroke it makes my **** and seeing his **** get hard watching me and myne so hard also that its such a turn on guy or girl watching eachother stroke our fattys for a long time thoughts of touching eachothers ***** go threw our minds im sure or rubbing our **** heads together and and just letting them rub and touch eachother would be a great feeling im sure but its just intes everyone should try it

Same feeling high as we stroke n suck ea h other soft to hard feeling as u fet hard in my hands n mouth

I like lines of meth, feeling a little more intense. I can watch **** and ********** for hours on end, getting high with another guy is so much better. Sucking, stroking and ******* for hours is hot.

I can relate, high on meth I like to oil my **** and *** up, oil lasts longer with a really silky feeling.

Just oiled

when I get spun, I just want my ******* filled with the nearest large object....

What's the ******* deal with that? ****! I'm stroking with my left hand and typing with my thumb on my right hand right now! Using my iPhone. ****! I can't keep my hands off myself. Can't find any women to **** and party with. Sure can find the guys though. Hell. I'm not gay but I have already let three different dudes suck me off. When I'm not on it. No desire what so ever. On it I think I'd stick my **** into anything. What's the ******* deal with that ?

Dude I'm doing the same exact thing. My load is gon a be ridiculous I knowe it.


You like that get at me and I'll stroke my **** for you

just one of the beauties of it .

I love smoking alot of meth and jack off for about a half a day while wearing my neighbors tight panties that I've cut open in the front to let my lil thing out. I even try making homemade masturbators but they always pull my foreskin back and that hurts. I used to pound my ex hard doggystyle for almost an hour straight, and i mean hard. She would wonder what I did to do her soo hard that long. She was a chubby/thicker, almost full bbw, kind of **** toy for me in bed.

I love doing a lot of meth and wear panties with a opening cut in front so they'll fit well and be able to let me hang free to jack all night.

Damn, I know exactly how you feel, watching ******* **** and jacking for hours.

And I thought I was the only one hooked on the ******* **** lol

i love to get spun out, dress in sexy lingerie and the jack off to tranny **** all night long

Soo hot.

yes I love the same and always looking for guys to jerkoff with into panties on Skype pantycummer1 and looking for guys to cam with


yes I love the same and always looking for guys to jerkoff with into panties on Skype pantycummer1

Id love to have that done to me for hours on end!

i loved getting it anal for hours after i tried it my first time. whew it was fun!

I spend hours on Cam4, jacking, and showing off, and hitting the pipe. I love it.

I'd love to watch your show....

Oh yea! Me too! And I love to go down on a woman after a couple good hits. My girl is supposed to be down to visit in a month and we are planning to party. Hope we can find some ****. I soooo wanna get spun!