Up In Smokes

Cheech and Chong had a great movie way back when times were simpler . Like them I found myself a little patch off heaven just ever so recently . Went for a walk by the creek about a week ago and found two nice plants , had to prune it a bit for the sake of the plant if you don't prune it just doesn't grow as well ( my little contribution to nature heh heh  ) .Well this week I decide to follow this little creek a little further up stream and what do I find ,a big patch of heaven growing wild as the buffalo once roamed . So I started to look at the pathology of what had happen here then it occurred to me what had happen here . The old railroad bridge where most young lad go to have a puff was where they discarded there reefer when done . Now the mud flats down the streams has such a nice little plantation heh heh my little plantation .

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Google it it a world or information . Had to use it to confirm it was what it was . As it turns out there turn out to be hundreds of wild plants of two variety which I would not have known .

With my luck I would have discovered poison ivy.