Question Everything

Have you ever wondered why marijuana is illegal? Yeah, me too. Every day i ask myself why this plant is grouped in with coke, ecstasy, crack, heroin, meth, etc. The list goes on with drugs. Anyone who has ever smoked pot and done any other substance knows that it has no where near the same effect on your mind or body. For those of you who do not smoke, good for you. I don't Drink. Personally i feel it has too harmful of an effect on my life. Marijuana is  hemp. They are the same plant. Did you know that hemp can be made into plastics? Clothing?? Paper? Yeah, with cannabis we could perhaps not fix but we could sure patch up a lot of our ecological problems. Hemp can be made into a viable bio diesel with a closed loop cycle. The plant itself can convert all of the chemicals released from burning the fuel back into reusable resources. Well, thats just a start. Lets see what you have to say what can you tell me and what will you argue. Oh and as a side note marijuana has no proven negative affect on the brain. In the study that was used as a basis for this statement a government agency pumped the equivalent of 10,000 marijuana cigarettes into monkeys. In Fifteen minutes. I know that i couldnt do that. Its nonsensical. Marijuana also was used as a medicine before it was classified as a class 1 narcotic. Cigarettes are worse for you than Pot. Tell me what you think.

auds81 auds81
22-25, M
Feb 8, 2010