I Do It For My Personal Enjoyment....

I have smoked everyday for about 10 years. People say that it's not right because I'm in a position of trust and yadeyadeya....I say screw em' I'm human just like everyone else. I may work in the Public Defenders Office but I have been down and out before and I can't judge anyone. I like to smoke...it's like my xanax. I like to chillax...who doesn't!!! I never have smoked to deal with my life...I just like to get high.

I'm ready to fire one up now....come on 4:30!!!

CarrieBeth CarrieBeth
26-30, F
3 Responses Apr 23, 2010

Nothing wrong with that! Weed is great and smoking it does not affect your ability to do your job at all! I also smoke weed everyday for enjoyment and relaxation and also have a job with a position of trust. I have liked to get high everyday since I was about 16, helps me cope and take less out on those I love!

I agree!!!

4-20's out there, for sure, let's change laws, ya'll