I Smoke Every Day Too

Pot just makes life livable.  I've got BPD and a bit of ADHD so I'm really messed up.  I want things to go a certain way and that's the only way I can accept it.  I want my car to start when I'm in a rush and if it doesn't I could blow it up and not think about it.  I just get SO angry that it's almost impossible to control. I've stayed out of prison, been a mostly upstanding citizen and I try not to hurt anyone or even annoy them but life continues to be a struggle every day.  My folks told me straight out that they expected me to be in jail for most of my adult life because of my emotional problems.  POT SAVED MY LIFE!!!   

Without it I'm sure that I would be in jail now.  

But with it, I feel sick inside,  My brain is foggy and my body is ill.  

So I will live my life without being angry but feeling sick.

Why is life a constant compromise?
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

I agree with you on the tolerance level. Right now I'm not smoking because I'm trying to find a job, so I need to stay clean for awhile. I'm looking forward to when I can again, because when i do, it will be niiiice..Lol...

I think its great for some people like me i know without it im more depressed naturally.. as a matter of fact i need to grab some asap doctors orders.. my therapist noticed i improve when only doing that and not drinking as well as no need for antidepressants and i feel healthier.. only thing that sucks is the level of tolerance builds.. some people SHOULD NOT smoke pot tho ive met a few people who like flip out..lol so its not for everyone

Maybe you just need stronger stuff. :) Try more stavia strains. They'll get your mind in the right place.