Need For Weed

I started smoking on a daily basis when I started working. At 16 I had been smoking for about 3 years, basically whenever I could mooch off someone; it was almost always my "first time." However, I realized that my trickery and deceit would eventually catch up to me so I decided to find a job and start buying my own weed. While most of my peers worked to buy cars, I chose to work for weed and alcohol.

My parents were glad that I took the initiative to work so they gladly gave me my deceased grandfather's Buick. I earned my father's respect and my mother's praise. I stopped asking for money and bought my own gas and clothes whenever possible. The rest of the money went to my dealer and best friend's 22 year old brother. My parents made me get a bank account and thought all of my money was being directly deposited, save for a few bucks for gas and going out.

I made about $120 a week part time and was spending about $50 a week on weed, about $20 on alcohol, $20 on gas and only saving around $20. I would smoke equivalent to two joints a day since I got "hooked up" by my dealer-neighbor, who lived directly across from me. His family was well off since his dad owns some Pizza Hut franchises, so he was just dealing as a hobby more than anything. I would just walk up to his window, knock, give him $20 and be good for 3 days.

My friend Grant and I smoked just about everyday before school and after school, sometimes in between too. During my Junior year I was smoking twice a day and all weekend long. We would smoke, go to surf team, eat breakfast, and then go to class. After school we would drive to the park, smoke in my car and then go to his house or to eat. I also started drinking a lot and making "stoner" friends. Although I did not suffer academically, I did struggle socially since I did not want to be labeled as a stoner/ pothead, yet dreaded hanging out with straight edge kids. The label still bothers me 3 years later since it has a negative connotation.

My parents started to wonder what I would do all weekend and why I was always out. My mom was especially suspicious because my clothes smelled and she found empty dime bags and lighters quite often when doing laundry. I would always respond with "Im just out with friends" and "I don't remember having that..." I have always been independent and maintained decent grades, so they trusted me.

Now Im a freshman in college. I still smoke everyday. I have a Medical Card and buy from the dispensary. I like sativa dominant hybrids and still prefer joints over any other method. I usually wake up about 30 mins before class and roll two nice joints. I smoke one with my roommate who either pitches in when I buy, matches bowls, or smokes me out later on. The other one I usually share with any of my other friends from class or the dorms who wanna join me. We get together, bring our weed and enjoy smoking outdoors or in our art buildings since the art students always blaze too.
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Noticed that at the beginning you said you worked for weed and alcohol – by the end there was no more mention of alcohol. I have smoked cannabis for over 30 years and did my share of drinking at first too and so did most of my friends – the ones that continued drinking are either dead or in sorry shape – so 3 cheers for weed and 3 boo’s for alcohol.<br />
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Going to through in a cannabis fact – a person can over dose on water and die – but it’s impossible to overdose on cannabis and die so how bad can it be? <br />