There's a Drought In My Area And I'm Going Crazy!!

I haven't had my own weed for a month, now.....I'm getting extremely aggressive and am drinking WAY too much (at least every three or four days.)  I can't ever sleep and I never feel okay.  I wish there was a special weed-fairy.
MysticWriter MysticWriter
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8 Responses Nov 9, 2006

a little thing to share with you guys, when ever you smoke a spliff dont chuk the end buit away put it in a cup or somthing like tht or evan if you have a bong its good to, all those spliff buts epty out the black bit and roll it all up in a spliff it will pack a bigger punch then a normal spliff as its all diffrent weeds ands its all resin, or if you have a bong get a coat hanger and scrape it pushing all the black stuff into the water, push the coat hanger through the pipe were most of the reswin will be, once this is dose get an olld t shirt and cove it over the top of the bong where u put your mouth and turn the bong upside down all the water gose through the shirt and all the black resin wat i call the good **** :) is all there put it in a warm place to dry for and hour or two and then chek and u should have a black resin mixx this with ciggerete andd cmoke away myt not have best taste in world but it gets u high and thts all tht matters :D thnks for reading this if ya did hopefully helped a bit comment bk :D

you can buy that stuff on ebay BTW...and get it shipped through the mail...I didn't like the salvia...if I do it I only sniff a little bit of leaves like it's is much too powerful...I think you's worse than pot...

I have one little suggestion that may help wean you off pot..try smoking some legal herbs like wild dagga or blue lotus...I am going to try a LITTLE...don't overdo it...maybe we can try it together and make it a little experiment together...

there is a group called narcotics anonymous...I think you should join and get support from people in your same situation need to get are out of control and are going to do something stupid and end up paying dearly for it somehow...I got off all that stuff and you can too...

i LOVE living in CALIFORNIA EVEN IN WINTER I ALWAYS HAVE BUD :) but dont be weed feins its not H and **** drinking

In New Zealand the fairy is Maori and drives a four-wheel drive, she came to me last weekend... Sucks to be you guys...New Zealand is practically bursting with the stuff.

I know how you feel. i havent been able to find that stuff anywhere and i am going nuts because i use to be able to get it anywhere until my friends all decided that they wanted to quit, whgich really ticks me off yeah i know where the heck is that weed-fairy when you need her. good luck on your search, hope i can find some soon b4 i go even more crazy man