Itz Dry Here Too. Wish I Could Have 420/24/7

 Hey gurl I know the feeling. My friendz all of a sudden decided they wanted to stop smoking. I havent been able to find anything for over a month now and i feel like im going nutz. It seems like its dry here as well. I have been drinking to and i hate to drink because itz just not the relaxed feeling you get when u smoke ya know and it makes me crave the stuff even more when i get drunk. ill take that weed-fairy she can come to my house lol ahhh im going insane i just wish i had a least one toke or something just to know what the feelings like again ya know.
OrganicFuel420 OrganicFuel420
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 23, 2006

i'm not dry but every job i've looked at since i moved **** tests.. such a tease... i haven't smoke now in months.. i california i had my 215 prescription and was a patient... now i'm just socially awkward and a criminal if i talk about how awesome cannabis is.. it's 420/24/7/365