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I am not proud about this nor am I ashamed either. I am an intellegent person. Not brilliant but I get by. I can keep it in perspective. In my life I have experimented with most drugs and have had no problem in stoping them. I just enjoy the glow I get from weed. I do not drink at all. I've seen to many friends ruin lives while abusing alcohol. Perhaps one day I may loose interest in it. "I buy what I do and I do what I Buy". I don't grow, sell or incouirage others to smoke. I don't wake with a hangover. I actually drive safer (no matter what the experts say) and believe me when I say that. I commute to Boston for work and man do I get road rage in traffic. Smoke just a couple of hits..............mello, a good CD and I'm off...... Well anyways. Why do I have to drink alcohol to enjoy myself....Legalize it!!!
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Great view! I have smoked off and on for a long time, right now off for about 4 years, but look forward to it again when I want to. (mostly due to employment drug testing). Gee when the hell did everybody get such a right to our personal body fluids! Do not drink a drop, had a sister who drank herself to death at 36. I also can't afford to get busted for it in my licensed profession, sigh... sure do like to kick back with a buzz, some good music and relax though. Better than a legal xanax! Yes it should be legal, it's only illegal to perpetuate the jail, prison, probation circle that feeds every state and federal coffers. God did give us this in a natural state after all. People shouldn't be so negative in a victimless crime; make love not war!

Sounds like you have some good perspectives about it.<br />
Nice to hear.<br />
Using it as a tool, or with a purpose seems to be the way to go...

Ditto. What’s with the twentieth century and pharmaceuticals? Can't we just use what we can grow for ourselves? I have nothing against alcohol; I just don't enjoy the buzz, the constant need to **** and the hangover. On MJ I am able to truly unwind after a day of thoughts get so loud sometimes, it helps to have a way of softening them. <br />
I don't like to defend the lifestyle, because I'm no stereotype, but there are too many good reasons to lift the senseless ban.<br />
One other thing, it's not as bad as the media and television says. I say a person on an Australian soap opera have a psychotic episode all because he stopped smoking for a day...It doesn’t surprise me that smokers have such stigma attached. <br />
Anyway, don't hate me for me, friends under a grey fog.<br />
P.S. Anyone have luck with a vaporiser?

tis ok .but there's nothing like firing up the bowl.
'or rollin a big fatty.