Smoke Pot Every Day

I began smoking tobacco at the age of 15, at my 25 years I use to smoke nearly 20 cigarretes a day, I want to quit but can´t, I need something to relax after a day at work,  I´d switch to cannabis and smoke only  1 joint a day, I quit tobaco and one joint a day is the only thing I´d smoke,  tobacco cigarrets don´t taste the same and there no way to go back with tobacco, but I don´t know if is to healty, I think that yes, I feel I can Breath again!!!! (with tobacco I was  seek every morning, can anyone tell me if I´m wrong? Thanks a Bunch
bichito bichito
26-30, M
1 Response Apr 5, 2007

No, your right. Honestly, as a smoker and a person that love weed, if I had to give one up, it would be cigs. It's much healthier to smoke weed here and there then smoke a pack a day. I still smoke (and still love it honestly) but I only smoke maybe 8 a day if that. I think weed is a good way for a smoker that wants out of the habit to kick it. I think smoking weed once a day is actually pretty healthy if you think about how you enjoy it and it relaxes you.