I had smoked pot before my condition. I liked it, but only did it occasionally. I never needed to do it more than occasionally. It was like drinking to me. It was a fun way to relax. However, 6 years ago I was in a serious car accident . My car was totalled, but I was alive. However, several months later I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, because my pain never went away. Usually my fibro acts up around my injuries from the crash, in my neck and my back, but it can hurt almost anywhere else. I was put on tons of meds to handle my pain, my depression, my anxiety. I don't know how much you know about fibromyalgia, but it means I was in pain every day, usually all day.

Then I visited my grandparents and my Gummy asked me if I tried pot for my symptoms. I hadn't smoked in almost a year because I had just been so busy and focused, so I toked up with them. It was incredible. My pain just melted away and for the first time in months I had the giggles and an overall state of well-being. When my Gummy pointed out that I was feeling better I almost cried because I had completely forgotten I was sick. Since then, I barely use any other medications. I take them if there's anything the weed can't take care of, but that's not very common. I got my medical card and when I went to the doctor he told me I was the ideal patient for treatment with cannabis. My fibromyalgia is mostly under control and hasn't interfered in the way of my success, and after my diagnosis I was able to open my own business, and I credit medical marijuana for part of that success.

My bakery has been open for 5 years and has been very successful. I feel I'm doing quite well, and I wouldn't be able to work as much as I do if I didn't smoke multiple times each day. I also wouldn't be able to maintain my relationship, since marijuana takes care of the irritability and depression that comes with chronic pain, and helps me be more understanding of my partner. And of course smoking with him is a great time to bond. But I can credit my daily pot consumption for being able to have a successful and fulfilling life.
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My father has fibro. Thank the gracious lord for putting medicinal plants on this planet, if the authorities won't let us, we will anyways. Peace

Right on! Weed is a panacaea!

I smoke weed to help with Fibro too! (:

Isn't it the best? I save thousands of dollars in what would have been tons of pharmaceuticals by switching to simple green plant. I'm toking on some Master Kush as we speak.

****, man. That sounds amazing. I've got 3 grams of Pineapple Kush waiting for me at home!