Iv had trouble with dxm... Its like acid but ten times more milder depending on how much you take. Iv struggled for almost a year and a half with it. Iv been trying to quit cuz its killing me slowly emotionally and physically so iv been smoking pot to help with the withdrawls and help calm me. Whoever said weed was bad for you thier lyin. Yea its bad in a way, but ppl smoke cigs so whats the difference? For one cigs are legal and weed isnt but wtf who cares. Anyways, as im writing this im wanting some DXM! Does anyone have any ideas on how to quit Dxm besides weed?...
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Hang in there Bree. Whatever you have to do to kick that habit. If you have to smoke a lot of pot or chain smoke, do whatever you have to. Those 2 things won't do massive damage to your body like DXM will. You don't need that stuff.

Haha oh yes I remember those trips to hell and out of body experiences quite amazing at times......thinking back what really got me off DXM was being introduced to LSD : O ...had to find some other sort of spirit journey to be on....now I do none of them because after several years of pushing my reality to the brink and back ad nauseum reality itself has become a drug almost....don't regret any of it tho...i am my journey and the fruits of its lessons....that being said i dont necesarily reccommend it.....I beleive Hunter S. Thompson said some thing like "I don't reccomend drugs, alcohol, and insanity to everyone...but it sure worked well for me"...take this all as you will

I know u can do it.mind over matter.go to NA their number should be in the book.it's like aa but for drugs.u can talk to people with the same problem.i just decided i didn't want to die.i don't want u to.TRY TRY PLEASE peace

there must be free places to kick it.if u REALLY want to quit u can.it's more in head than anything else.i know nothing about ur drug but have done a lot.i quit drinking on the 3 try.10 y dry then went back.speed,mes. i still smoke pot but i have given that up a time or two.if u want too u can.any free mental health or NA meetings near u.peace and luck to you.

Well weed is WAY better than DXM....DXM can be fun, haven't touched it in like 6 years or so but when I was younger I went through a phase where I was doing it in high doses (600mg-1000mg)...eventually I dropped the habit because I was getting kinda..well, retarded...burn out tired and dizzy all the time....that and the fact that RoboGels made me sick even seeing them on the shelf at the store. My advice is try to find other things to do, smoke pot if you must have something, although sobriety is better....other than that best of luck to you!

Actually it is killing your liver more than anything acetametaphine can kill your liver. I know first hand my cousin was a pill popper her liver shut down and she died at 32 an left 4 kids