MJ Is One of My Hobbies

Marijuana goodness has been part of my daily life for a good 4 years now. That is of course not my first experiance of it. I had my first taste of stress when I was 16. In the teen years, it was all stuff I would not even touch now. Shwag is something that is a waste of money of time. When your young, you don't know though. You know your just smoking something that will alter your body and mind and trip out on weird things that make you laugh.

Well that was then, these last 4 years, I have had my many reasons of smoking. First it was just because I felt like smoking it again. Then it became something that relieved my stress and took me away from all the drama and bullshit people that were in my life. Of course I had my so called stoner buddies which was cool. Now it is just a hobby of mine. I use it as my relaxor, entertainer, and creativity. My favorite time of use is sitting on a beach overlooking the ocean and having a nice bowl of green. I won't smoke anything less than quality crystalized green.

My only flaw with it is that I have to take 2 to 3 month breaks from time to time due to my mind becoming a little dyslexic or it is affecting my throat. Other than that, I usually want my own piece of mind for a while. I cannot ever drift away from it though. I like it too much. For me there is not much harm in it.

This is my basic story.

Michischillin Michischillin
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3 Responses Apr 28, 2007

There is a huge variation in how different kinds of pot affect you. I've had some that was stress and paranoia inducing, some that inspired busy creativity, some that gave a quiet, benign effect, and some that made me just plain stupid, dull and blunted (sounds like you have that kind!). Try to get some different pot, you just got some that isn't compatible with you.

Hey there. I agree with what you are saying.<br />
I myself use it for creativity, and getting to the deeper truths within.<br />
I think there is a difference though between getting stoned, and getting high...<br />
And i would like to be more aware of any health risks, especially since my last bit of pot, which made me feel stupid and dizzy, like my whole brain just shut off. thats not a usual feeling for me, and i think something is wrong with it. sucks to have pot and not be able to smoke it. :(

i use to smoke everyday for 12 years from shwag to bud that looked like it had sand in it. i know what you mean about that peace of mind that you can't always find otherwise . right now me and mj can't see each other but i'm already counting the days till we see each other again.