No I Don't Smoke Pot Ev...

No I don't smoke pot every day, but I spend time with people who smoke pot most days. they are great if they not paranoid. Sometimes it is really funny, like this week when one person 'confessed that they had been stoned when I was talking to them a few days before.

Like I hadn't noticed!  I think pot is OK for some people, but the paranoia is really dangerous and I have been with people in cannabis induced psychosis. it is really bad news for those peolpe. Scary stuff.

lollylegs lollylegs
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1 Response Jun 9, 2007

I think people who do smoke should be more aware of this. The brain is a complex organism, and we should be more aware of what we do to it...<br />
I enjoy smoking every so often, but i think its a bad idea to wake and bake and keep it going throughout the day, every day. <br />
I wouldn't want to do any kind of irreversible damage...