All Day, Any Day, Every Damn Day.

i've been smoking weed for the past 12 years and i don't plan on stopping anytime soon. i've graduated high school, held countless jobs, and i'm about to graduate college next year and it's all thanks to POT.

if it weren't for the weed, i'd be a total wreck. stressed, anxious, and totally ADD. i ******* love weed. it's been there through the good and the bad. everyone i know either smokes or grows. it's a vicious cycle of "stonerdom". thank god i live in cali, where i can just go to the store and purchase it for my medical reasons.

i probably smoke, on average, 10+ times a day. when i wake up, before i go to school/work, before i eat all meals, after i get out of school/work, after i eat meals, after sex, before showers, before bed, and when i'm just in the mood.

i don't think it affects anything. i'm still a good, functioning part of society.

one thing i do wish i still had is my short term memory. damn, i miss it.
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1 Response Jun 22, 2007

Wow 10 times a day!?!?<br />
I thought I was bad at 3 hehe.<br />
It indeed does make life just that much better though. It also does not effect me in the way I function and go about my daily duties. <br />
<br />